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Nessie? on webcam 2012
Sonar Image -- Nessie? - Prize Winner
Best Nessie photo yet!
Best Nessie photo possibly a  model
Alaskan Nessie filmed!
Nessie's Cousin Photographed!
Diana's Midgard Sept 2009 Sighting
Arthur's April 2007 Sighting
Gordon Holmes 2007 Sighting
Chinese Nessie Discovered 9/23/2004
Paul's Nessie Sighting 4/08/2004
Stefan's Nessie Sighting 03/29/2004
Lukasz Grobelny 's Nessie Sighting  12/27/2003
Janay K.'s Nessie Sighting 12/19/2002
Robert Young's Nessie Sighting 8/22/2001
Jan Ove Sundberg's 2005 Nessie Plans
A list of recorded Nessie Sightings
Make Your own Sighting with the Webcam
A Movie Being Made on Loch Ness
John Gillies April 2002 Sighting
Jack Rattray December 17, 2004 Sighting
Kevin Allen's sighting, September 2002
M'Bee Analyzes Sightings July 2005
Kevin Allen's Rebuttal July 2005
Leonie's Sighting June 28, 2005
Alistair Young Sighting September 2006

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