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nessie hoax photo


Nessie sightings go back 1500 years.  She has been seen by saints and common folk alike. And some people have pretended to see her.  The above photo, taken in 1934, by the eminent Harley Street physician Colonel Robert Wilson was accepted as her most authentic proof until 1994 when Wilson's stepson, 90 year-old Christian Spurling, made a startling deathbed confession: this is only the photo of an 18" model.  But Richard Smith says that Spurling's so-called confession was yet another hoax.

This NOVA site says the story calling this photo a hoax, may itself be a hoax:

Here's a page with more information on the photo:

Enough people have seen Nessie that no number of exposed hoaxes will change people's belief that she exists. Most sightings of the monster have been reported in the vicinity of Urquhart Castle.

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