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Surface Photographs of Nessie:  (also underwater photos)


A wonderful Nessie site:

Thoughtful essay on evidence for Nessie:

Excellent Scientific Nessie Site:


Multilingual Nessie Reference Links


The Nova PBS Show about Nessie: 


Possible Pict carving of Nessie:


Nessie Research sites:

Dick Raynor:

Adrian Shine:


Loch Ness Visitor Site

Visite the Loch Ness official website


Make a Maze


Tour Loch Ness with Tony Harmsworth

(Jean and Lois took this tour in 2001 and enjoyed it.)

Mysterious Britain

Cryptozoology Links and other mysteries: /links/cryptozoology/lochnessm onster.html

A compendia of lake monsters besides Nessie:

Mysterious Australia

A headstone was found inexplicably glowing in a cemetery outside Lismore, Australia. No one was ever able to agree on what made the cross glow and eventually it was stolen. It has not been seen since 1986.

The homepage of Loch Ness 2000 Exhibition Centre.  Great puzzles and classroom materials to download.

The homepage of the resident research group led by Adrian Shine. Go to the research archive for information about the Rosetta project that examines cores of lake bottom to discover the environmental history of Loch Ness.


Seal and Whale research and sounds

The UnMuseum -- visit lots of things and places that may have existed

Truth Seeker TV

Truth Seeker TV: hosted by Jimi Petulla, this is an all new Reality Show that dares to go where other shows fear to tread.

United Kingdom European Directory

Jean Lorrah's main web page:

Jean Lorrah's Essays on Writing Page:

Lois Wickstrom's main web page:

Our Nessie by Priscilla Marden

Our Nessie, by Priscilla Marden,

Websites that present history and information about the entire Loch Ness area:


A useful directory of interesting websites (that lists Nessie's Grotto)


Silly German site purporting to show Nessie in the Harz Mountains. Photos are by grad students who are considered expendable by their professor.


A store of Nessie items, including the Nessie Hunt game and Nessie jewelry, and good information on Nessie and other lake monsters and Loch Ness


Picture book of Urquhart Castle from Historic Scotland

 go to shop, then books and search for Urquhart 

Urquhart Castle


urquhart book

Chris Tabraham and Fiona Stewart

Urquhart Castle, beside Loch Ness in Scotland's Great Glen, is an impressive ruin. Throughout its 500-year history the castle was the scene of many battles and sieges. In this guide to what is one of the largest and most important castles in Scotland, Urquhart's stirring history is revealed. This guide is also available in Japanese. French, Italian, Spanish and German translations of the text are available as inserts.

246x189 mm, 20pp, illustrated with colour photographs and drawings

ISBN 074800601x


Mysteries of Canada

Excessive Behaviour's song: nessiteras rhombopterex.mp3  -- the song here bears Nessie's Latin name.

Argentina's Loch Ness music group  

Scottish Culture Site

Haemi Balgassi's Peacebound Trains story on line:

Haemi Balgassi's web page:


Craig Heinselman's cryptozoology  site:

His magazine CRYPTO is a freely distributed print and digital publication dealing with cryptozoology, exotic zoology and fictional representations of cryptozoology (Cryptofiction). Published since 1998 the newsletter is set currently on hiatus. 


Timeless Myths: old urban myths, legends & tales


Nessie Hunt Game:


We registered the domain name with Registry Web at because they charge $13 a year for 10 years.  We also recommend where you can buy 10 years for $70.

Lila Guzman's site (author of Lorenzo's Lambs)

Learn about Bullying:

Ragsoup -- children's website: stories, poems, crafts

Yahoo's UK and Ireland Search Page

For Nessie information and links, click below:

Science 4 Fun:


Quit Smoking


Mental Health sources:


Medical Hazards - consulting doctor referrals



How to dispose of unwanted prescription medicines:



Blood Alcohol Content Calculator


How to dispose of old medicines:

Colonoscopy alternatives:

(note: the ACS does NOT consider colonoscopy to be the gold standard. 

Stool testing is just as accurate.)

All You Need to Know About the Deadly Drug - Fentanyl

Sleep deprivation information:



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