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John Gillies' April 2002 Sighting
from the Urquhart Castle Car Park

John Gillies' April 2002 sighting - picture 1 John Gillies' April 2002 sighting - picture 2
Lois: How often have you been to Loch Ness?

John: This was my first time at Loch Ness.

Lois: What prompted you to bring a movie camera on this visit to Loch Ness? 

John: I hoped I could see Nessie.

Lois: I notice your website is about paranormal events. Have you had other paranormal experiences?

John: Yes I have had paranormal experiences.  I have footage of lights and crafts daylight footage and seen much more.

Lois:  Were you alone when you saw an unidentified creature on Loch Ness? 

John: No, I was with my family, wife, daughter, and grandson.

Lois: For how long did you record this creature?

John: About a minute. You can see footage if you scroll to the bottom of my webpage:

Lois: Do you think this creature resembles a giant eel, such as the one described on

John: No, more like a monster.

Lois: Is there any personal information you'd like to share, such as your country of residence, your profession, your education, your interests?

John: I live in scotland and have all my life and like ufo hunting pigeons and love life.

See two of John's Loch Ness Movies that might show Nessie.



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