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Take Nessie's Picture

Two websites show the view from cameras trained on Loch Ness, night and day. A photo from one of them may show Nessie.  (See top link below.)  The first Nessie camera has no snap button.  So if you want to save a picture and you have a PC, right click your mouse, choose Save Photo As, and give  your picture a name like Nessie.jpg. If you take more than one, be  sure to give each picture a different name, such as Nessie2.jpg.

The second website has a "take a snap" button.  Click that button and you'll be asked for a file name.  Save the picture with any file name you will remember later.

If you can remember where you saved your file, you can search  for nessie.

In Windows 95 or Windows 98, click Start, choose Find, choose Files or Folders. In the Named: box, type nessie  Be sure the Look In box says C: or hard drives or my computer.   In Windows 3.0 or 3.1, go to the File Manager. Click File, choose Search. Search for nessie*.*.  Once you've found Nessie, send your photo as an email attachment to the website where you found her.  And click Email Lois at the top of this webpage  with another attachment.  Your photo will be posted on this website as well.


Nessie photo cam

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