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Note from Nessie's Grotto: The following is one person's opinion. We are running it because we think it is interesting. Please draw your own conclusions.

M'Bee's Analysis of Sightings

I have blown up Paul's image, and found no evidence of insertion of a figure, but using a painting tool would have created the image without disturbing the pixelation patterns. I suspect this is the case. Nice try, but he should be aware that digital artists can pick up on this kind of thing.

Stefan saw a boat.

Lukasz saw a boat.

Janay K. saw something being towed by a helicopter, probably an escaped ship's buoy of a large sort used by bigger vessels. If you look at the photos, the helicopter remains stationary, but the object is drawn to an area underneath the craft. I am guessing better images would also reveal a tow line.

Robert Young photographed buoys used to mark off an area, or possibly even to support a fishing net. Nothing "Nessie" about those photos.

While the photos John Gilles offers on your sight look like a Nessie, the images on his website are of an otter's head, out of focus, but distinctly mammalian and even the ears are evident in the images. My guess is that the images on your website are the same critter, just more out of focus. Though it could also be a seal, the nose is kind of long for an otter.

Jack Rattray saw a boat.

Kevin Allen should be ashamed of himself. When I blew up the photos, there was obvious evidence of an inserted image. He really should pay attention to pixelation patterns if he is going to hoax people with Nessie photos.

There was a sighting about a hundred years ago, or so, of a creature in Devil's Lake, now called Spirit Lake in North Dakota. There was a severe drought that caused the lake's water level to really drop. The tribe living in the area saw a creature with a long neck and snake-like head with a round body trapped in the shallows between the two deep halves of the lake. It was there for several days before finally freeing itself and disappearing. 

Normally a lake like that couldn't support an animal that size, but an earlier story about the lake tells about how the bottom dropped out in one area and caused the water to drain into an underground river before stabilizing and then coming back to it's normal level. As a result of this incident a monster came out of the lake and ate several people. Descriptions of the monster were similar to that of a large crocodile or alligator. It had a long body with a big mouth with lots of teeth, the head was flat and the neck was really thick, and it had short legs and crawled like a lizard. 

They asked some of the holy men of the Ojibwa people to come and investigate, and one of them sent a spirit into the lake. When it returned it told of the underground river, which started up north and went all the way to the sea. Which might explain the crocodile, and later, the Nessie-like monster.

Underground rivers are common in that area. One such subterranean river parallels the Yellowstone along it's entire length. But the one beneath Spirit Lake is the only one that anyone has ever had any idea about it connecting with the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.
M'Bee says: I worked on some of the fishing boats in the Bering Sea. They have shown some of the boats I was on during their specials on the Discover Channel, which is why I recognize maritime objects like different kinds of buoys. I have been an Alaska resident for 18 years, and my fishing days are behind me. I like being "on the beach" now that I am older.

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