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Pictograph from Perth Museum, Perth, Scotland 

photograph by Martin McCarthy

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You'll notice that you can identify everything in all the other carvings as things you've seen before.  This one shows a monster that resembles other drawings of Nessie.  (That's why it's here on this site.) The Perth Museum calls this drawing a "Pictish Beast."  (Word buffs may be happy to note that these carvings were made by people we call the Picts. The word graph means draw.  So a pictograph originally was a drawing by a Pict.  Drawings on stone are also called petroglyphs. Petro means rock and glyph means writing.  A  petroglyph is writing on stone.  Our word picture also comes from the Picts.) 

stone carving of pictish beast from Perth Museum

This stone is on display at the Perth Museum in Perth Scotland. It was photographed by Martin McCarthy.  You can see more Pictish carvings here:  This picture is used with permission.
For more information on the Picts, visit: