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Did Nessie Help the American Revolution?

In 1746, when the Jacobites waged their last battle to restore the Stuart line to the British throne, England was at war with France.  France didn't send much help to the Jacobites.  Jacobite families were friendly with French families. Scotish Jacobites often married French citizens. And when Bonnie Prince Charlie was defeated, he took refuge in France.  But France  didn't come to the Jacobites' aid in time of war.

 In retrospect, had they done so, they might have helped defeat England on another front and removed British soldiers from French soil. As it was, the Jacobites lost the war and while many Jacobite supporters still live in Scotland, no one has tried since to restore the Stuart family to the throne of England.  According to some stories, the retreating Jacobite soldiers dumped their gold and jewels into Loch Ness on their way home to keep the victorious British from claiming them as spoils of war.

In 1775, nearly 30 years later, the French and British were still fighting with each other, when America began her war to gain independence from Britain.  This time the French decided to help the enemy of their enemy.  The Jacobite treasure was still at the bottom of Loch Ness. So was treasure from earlier visits by Vikings.  Did Nessie help treasure hunters find the gold to help finance  the French participation in the American Revolution?

And did some of this gold help finance the scientific collaborations between Cavendish (from England) and Lavoisier (in France) in which they discovered the nature of hydrogen and oxygen and water? They also worked with Priestly, a British researcher living in America, who discovered that oxygen is the gas released from plants and from red mercury oxide.  Lavoisier organized the gunpowder industry in France just in time to supply the American armies. Britain and France share the idea that a mere war should not impede scientific cooperation and discovery. That is something Nessie would approve.

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