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Nessie and the Celtic Maze

by Lois June Wickstrom and Jean Lorrah

Finally, he came to the fallen boulder. He ducked his head and turned sideways to squeeze past it. The crying was louder now. The maze broke up into several directions, but he had no trouble knowing way to turn, following the cries.

He saw a flash of green fur. Another monster! He pulled out his crowbar. Nobody had told him there was another monster in the maze. But he was a knight, come to rescue a princess. Even though he was terrified.

"I am a knight. I come to slay the monster! And rescue the Princess Sheona," he called out. He drew closer to the green fur.

The crying stopped.

"Princess Sheona! It is I, the knight Sir Angus. Iíve come to rescue you!"

Again, he swam closer.

"Death to the monster who imprisons the lovely Princess Sheona!"

He clanged his crowbar sword against a stone.

"Donít hurt me!" said the green furry monster. This monster was much smaller than Nessie, but much larger than Ardath, or even an orca whale.

"I am a knight. You are a monster. I must slay you," said Angus, holding his ground.

"I thought you came to rescue the lovely Princess Sheona," said the monster.

Angus nodded his head and extended his crowbar. He couldnít do it. He was too small and too scared to fight this monster. He did his best to look like a fierce knight.

"I am the lovely Princess Sheona," said the monster.

"You are an ugly monster, and a foul liar!" shouted Angus. "What have you done with Princess Sheona?"

In the glow of the bell-shaped flowers, Angus looked closely at the monsterís face. Her eyes looked red. The monster was crying! Was the monster trapped, too? He couldnít kill somebody who was scared and crying. He knew what that was like.

Ardath swam up to the boulder and poked her snout into the gap. "Angus, the Princess Sheona is Nessieís daughter. You must be careful not to hurt her!"

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