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Our Nessie by Priscilla Marden Johnson

Lake Monsters

Lake monsters lurk on every continent.  Nessie is one of the oldest. Stories of sightings on Loch Ness go back 1500 years to the time of Merlin.  Other monsters have first been recorded in the past 100 years. All the monsters seem to be camera shy, but people who have seen them have no doubt they saw a real monster, possibly a dinosaur that survived meteor impacts  and even ice ages.

Photo of a sculpture of an African Nessie in the Kunstkamera Museum in St. Petersburg, here

Lizzy in Loch Lochy

Lake Champlain Vermont monster -- champ (most recent sightings)

Ogopogo -- Canadian Lake Monster

Canadian Sea Monster

Swedish Lake Monsters



Norwegian Lake Monster - Selma - Lake Seljordsvatnet, Norway

Argentina Lake Monster

Giant Squid

reference list:

Lake Monsters of North America

lists other monsters:

proof of Nessie:

sea serpent page with photos

Altamaha-ha-- Sea Monster Of Darien, GA

Memphre -- Quebec monster -- The Creature of Lake Memphremagog

Cryptozoology on the Internet

A River Monster: Jacksonport, Arkansas, USA, The White River Monster

Great Lakes Monsters:

Monster Crocodiles of Australia

Brosno Dragon of Russia

A General List of Monsters around the World

The Great Sea-Serpent

This is a reprint of A. C. Oudemans' The Great Sea-Serpent, which was originally published by Luzac & Co., London, in 1892. This comprehensive work includes discussion of over 160 sightings of sea-serpents. Hoaxes and misidentifications are also discussed, as are the characteristics and possible taxonomy of this mystery animal. Oudemans was one of the first individuals to suggest that the sea-serpent may be an unidentified mammal. 
Prints 577 pages. Illustrations.  FREE PDF file.


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