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What does Nessie Eat?


Rumor has it that Nessie ate one human, sometime around the year 700 AD. Perhaps he tasted bad. Perhaps Nessie gained respect for humans. Perhaps all the local folk praying for safety from Nessie had an effect.  Whatever the reason, Nessie has never eaten another human since.

Loch Ness has plenty for her to eat.  Estimates of the fish population in Loch Ness, are as high as 27 tons. They include: Salmon, Sea Trout, Brown Trout, Pike, Eel, Char, Lamprey, Minnow, Stickleback, Sturgeon, Wels, and Flounder.  And that's mainly in the top 5 feet of the Loch.  The Loch is over 700 feet deep, but the water is murky. If Nessie is able to fish in the dark, she must be able to detect food with more than eyesight alone.  Perhaps she uses sonar like bats.

Perhaps she is vegetarian. Plenty of leaves fall into the Loch.  Zoo-plankton are plentiful.

Whatever Nessie likes to eat, Loch Ness has enough food to support dozens of her family, without eating visitors to the Loch.


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