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bonnie prince charlie

Prince Charles Edward Stuart
otherwise known as Bonnie Prince Charlie

The Jacobite Rebellion -- Treasure in the Loch

After the revolution in 1688, when Prince and Princess of Orange were given the British crown, supporters of the Stuart family staged five rebellions -- in an attempt to restore the throne to the Stuart family.  They believed that God had declared their family the true rulers of Britain and that Parliament had no right to give the throne to another family.  In fact, they believe the right to govern England was given them by God and that Parliament has nothing to do with it.

The Stuart family has many supporters today in Scotland. They have maintained their own record of true succession to the throne.  Duke Francis of Bavaria is considered the true heir today. 

One of the most beautiful homes in Scotland, Traquair House, has closed its front gates which are adorned with stone lions, and will not open them until a true heir of the Stuarts again reigns on the Throne of England.  All entrance is through the back gate.  The house has secret passages, and a maze.  Traquair house hid clergy who supported the Stuarts. The house is open for tourists and the on-premises brewery is open for sales.  You can also get lost in the maze.

After the 5th and last rebellion, at Culloden, led by Bonnie Prince Charlie, stories say that the surviving defeated Jacobites and their families threw their wealth into Loch Ness (which is not far from Culloden) to keep the victorious British army from taking it. Prince Charlie escaped to France. Many of the other survivors were executed.

Another treasure from the Jacobite rebellion is its enduring songs, such as The Bonnie Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond.

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