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Diana's Midgard Serpent Sighting in Norway, September 15, 2009


Wooden Nessie Toy by Diana

Diana made this  wooden Nessie toy.

This wooden Nessie toy is modeled after a Viking toy that Diana saw on her travels.
My husband and I were in Norway,  this year, Sept 11-20
On the Flam Fjord, we Definitely, 'saw' what we Never expected to see.
We had been, years ago, to Loch Ness/Scotland,...and like everyone else, had 'looked' hoping to see, Nessie, but, didn't.
Well,....we didn't even Know there was a Nessie type beastie in Norway's fjords,.....till we Saw one.
We were so stunned, we couldn't take our eyes off of it,...and didn't even think about the camera.
We were just busy, staring, for as long as we could, and making SURE we were Both seeing the same thing, and that it Wasn't a boat of any kind.
It Wasn't !!!
We could see boats, closer to us/our side of the fjord, and boats, docked, on the other side of the fjord.
But NONE were very close to the two large humps we saw.  We looked for a head, but couldn't, clearly, make one out.
There was a Clear, long wake behind the humps,...and the animal was moving Fast.
We watched it, until we couldn't see it, anymore.
And we just held our breath, sorta, afraid to blink,...but talking to each other, about what we were seeing.
We Know what we saw, was NO BOAT.
There are Fjord porpoises,....and later, we saw some,.....of those,....but THIS was No porpoise  and it was no whale(s)   The humps stayed, Clearly, always, above the surface of the water, always the same distance, apart,....never going down into the water.
There were two, distinct, humps, but, only, One wake.

In a follow-up email, Diana wrote: 

My husband and I got in a strong disagreement, coming home, from the library.
He INSISTED, that what we'd seen, had been seen, From the deck of a boat cruise, on the (a) fjord,......
After much discussion, I got him to at least, agree, that I'd pointed something out to him, in A fjord,....something with two humps, and moving, fast, with a good wake, and it Wasn't a boat.   THAT, he acknowledged, witnessing,  but still, insisted, that it was from the boat, that he'd seen it. 
I told him "We DID see, dolphins/porpoises, from the boat,....but they were playing, fairly close to the boat,...."
He agreed, with That, but still insisted that, I had, later, pointed out the two humps, and wake,...While we, were, still, on the boat.
We were getting no-where, Fast.
I told him I would just settle the whole thing, with my journal, when we got home.
This, is what my journal, says (along with a crude line drawing, of two humps, about equal, in size, to accompany, my words.  They were, it appears, written on  09-15-09
"Earlier, in Flam, we saw a (humps drawing) of 'Something' in the fjord - that was leaving a < (Drawing) wake - no pix"
Two pages, later, I wrote " Niles (merchant in Bergen Viking Shop) gave me his info on a postcard w/sea serpent like we'd seen, in Flam, and we came back" (to our Hotel room, feeling hot and hungry, so I'd made up a bowl of instant grits,...the thing true Southerners MUST have)()
If I wrote any more in the journal, about it, I haven't made it out, from my horrid scrawl that I call 'writing'
My journal, while we were on the road, was mostly snatched up, to make quick observations, of un-usual sights, plants, etc. so they wouldn't be, forgotten.
I didn't want to take my eyes off the passing scenery, for more than a few moments, for fear of missing things, so my evenings in the motel, were used to add summaries of the days activities, not mentioned earlier.
My husband, Definitely remembered the humps, etc. just not the when and where. (except that they were at a distance, in 'a' fjord,....I asked him, if HE'D seen a 'head' ?  But he said 'No' he hadn't been able to make out one (He also didn't remember  the Cruise ship, sitting further up the fjord, that I'd noted, when checking out boats, etc. for comparison)
He agreed, that my journal notes, would pretty much settle the issue, as to the 'when' and where.    I told him That was one reason I journaled,....because memory can often be, distorted, by time.



Diana says this about herself: 

We live in Georgia, out in the country. (Blue Ridge Foothills)  Lotta folks out this way have cattle, or horses.  My Mom likens the area to Upstate N.Y (we lived in Cape Cod when I was 5-9) My folks moved here, to raise Tennessee Walker horses,..long time back.

My husband and I are historical re-enactors. (Medieval, I'm a woodcarver, and he's a blacksmith,...our Historical personas, are of Norse/Celt Craftsmen)
Hence our reason for travel to the UK areas and Finally, at Long last, to Norway, itself.
To see museums, and bring back 'books' for our research library (Many, this trip, were in Norse, which we plan, to learn, to read, but for now, the Museum catalog pictures are an enormous help, to our wood and metal arts)
We met and married within the Historical community.
My two sons, found their own brides, among the Medieval ladies.
i.e. we've been doing this, a Very long time.
(My husband and I are in our 50s)
Here, in Rural GA, we're growing our own Medieval 'Village' to live in.
Not a public place,...just an expanded 'home' with 'rooms' in the form of village houses, spread out over about 200 sq. feet of lovely woods, with pathways, for 'halls' (no lawn)
The 'rooms/houses' are actually, mostly, workshops and storage, and a separate library.
Pets ?
All feline.  Pretty much all rescue ones.
Our House baby, was dumped out, on a cold Dec. night, at my son's home.  She was about 8 weeks old.  He lives, rurally, also, so someone Definitely tossed her out.
I'd recently lost a little one, and was begging for a replacement fur baby, so my son's girlfriend called me, to come collect that one.  Cinder is a sweet Doll (but ugly,.. not her fault)
Our Trevor, was rescued from men, feeding his litter mates to pit bulls, who'd been starved for fighting purposes.   The men were arrested.  We gave Trevor a home, and homes were found for his remaining 2 sisters (pix of Trevor and Cinder are in my albums at Myspace)
Both walk on leashes.  Trev logged over 6,000 miles, before a dog pack attack ended his traveling days (he's fine, thanks to a good vet, and 2 weeks in the hospital,...but now, he gets carsick)  
Anyway,...short bio.
****************************** ***********************
We're long-time Historical re-enactors, with a passion for books, and learning, hence a need to go See the places we research and the museums in those countries,...and we bring back plenty of books for our library. (This time, we brought back a number of museum catalogs, about half, in Norse)   We live in the Blue Ridge Foothills of GA. where we're building a Medieval Village to live in,...just us, with the occasional Medieval craftsman to visit.   My husband is a Blacksmith, I'm a Woodcarver.  We have several fur-babies, of the feline nationality, all rescues. 
****************************** ****************************** ****************************** ********
 . I'm a 'Journal keeper' which my husband regularly teases me, about.
My husband was So excited.   i.e. he'd been (genuinely, much to my surprise, disappointed, not to have seen 'Nessie' when we were in Scotland about 15 years ago)
I mean, I, too, had, 'looked' but I'd never, Really, expected to 'see'
This time, we didn't even know there was a possibility.
Our research has all, almost exclusively, been in the area of the handcrafts, and day-to-day living, i.e. foods, grown/eaten, cooking techniques, houses (construction,...I'm an occasional 'writer' with a fascination of all things related to 'wood' like ancient architecture.
My husband's interests, was in the metal arts, and combat-related things,....he was also, determined to see the Viking ships at the Viking Ship Museum.
If we'd ever been aware of The Midgard Serpent, we hadn't paid any attention.  i.e. we were told to expect to see, maybe, Porpoises and small whales in the fjords.   But I'm the one who spotted the clear wake (it was a sunny day, haze/fog/rain)
When I looked at the head of the wake, to see what kind of 'boat' was making it, all I saw was 2 humps,....I jabbed my husband, sitting next to the window, (we were in a tour bus, traveling along the fjord) (with the town of Flam, our destination,....where the cruise ship, mentioned, was docked near)
I jabbed my husband and pointed,..."LOOK !!!  at the Wake !!  Do you see the same thing 'I' do ????"  (Words to that effect)  He looked and gave a gasp,....totally stunned.   And we both watched in fascination, trying to make out a head/evaluate whether or not it was a boat (by also taking in things in sight, that were Definitely 'boats')   But, it was no boat.  We accounted for the boats. Closer/further away.    We could see two clear humps, at the front of the long wake.  We squinted, but couldn't clearly make out a head.   We watched until we were beyond a point of being able to see.
Later, in our hotel, we excitedly talked about what we'd seen.
My husband was baffled,.....He didn't recall ever hearing of anything like that, except Nessie (As a kid, he had a fascination with 'dinosaurs' and can still rattle off names of assorted kinds)
A merchant, of 'Viking' wares, many hand-crafted, Bergen, gave me a postcard.
But I don't think we'd yet gotten as far as Bergen, when we saw what we saw, at Flam.
I mean, I can check my journal, but I'm pretty sure.  i.e. it was a total surprise, what we saw.       The picture, on the post card. was merely an artist's painting.  I had hardly glanced, at the face of the postcard,....before tucking the card in my shoulder bag.

My Myspace page is at windsingersmoon

As an artist, I have imagination.
As a scientist (my husband has his degree, in Physics) but, he believes, in clear facts/realities. 
As a mother of two sons, raising them as a young widow,...I've had too many 'realities' in my life, to go 'imagining' things that are not, There.  i.e. I was in no hurry to jump to any conclusions about what I saw,....My husband and I, Both, eliminated, the possibility of what we saw, as being any sort of Boat.   That left only one thing.  Two humps, belonging to a large animal, moving, very fast.
There were no boats, close enough, to it, to make out it's size.
But based on the things in the foreground/background, etc. it was large.
(Just for the record,....I KNEW the cruise ship, further up the fjord, was 'larger' but, it sure didn't look as big, as I Knew it was,.....
i.e. I just can't give you any idea of size,....except it was Big,.....enough, to be seen from the distance we saw it,........



Wooden Nessie Hairpin by Diana

This is a wooden hairpin Diana carved to look like Nessie.

The sketch of the dragon boat on the right is one Diana made in ink while she sat on the stationery bike at the gym.

Ink drawing, Nessie Waterhorse Boat by Diana

Vivek's Sighting

My name is Vivek and I am a marine engineer, so my job involves travelling around the world. I was reading sighting of Diana Midgard and I support her bcoz i have seen something similar in the north atlantic ocean near Norway. I dont have any photographic evidence but i saw it way back in 2006. What I saw was a long neck protruding out of water must be atleast 10 ft long and the colour was dark grey. I saw it nearly for fifteen minutes till it was out of sight. When i saw this thing it was very still. I didnt tell my crew bcoz i knew they would laugh at me. Later on I thought it must have been my imagination. But what ever i saw that day was something weird and the picture is still clear in my mind. its only after reading Diana's account I felt like writing to you.
Warm Regards


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