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Kevin Allen's Rebuttal

First let me clarify my my position on the Loch Ness monster. I go nearly every year for a week with my family. I take my camcorder and camera and look out from Foyers, Dores or one of the roadside spots. I have seen boats seals and otters but have never seen anything else. I believe there is something unexplained in the loch but with the passing of the years i am less certain what it could be. In regards to my webcam pics, I was new to PCs, then only having had one for a few months. I found out about webcams and was really pleased that I found one that covered Loch Ness. So most mornings before work I would put it on and have a quick look at the weather on the loch. On this particular morning I looked and saw something on the surface I called my wife (who couldn't care less about the monster) and she came and looked .This particular webcam was set up by Scotland Online and shows different locations every minute or so. So I lost the image when the cam came back the object had moved so I got another shot before the cam moved again .When it came back the object has gone. I then saved the pics to my pic folder where they stayed .Now I am quite accepting it could be a boat or Nessie. What I cannot and will not accept is that I hoaxed the image. In fact I find it insulting after all the years of going and looking and reading on the subject to be accused of tampering with the pics .I only know that pixels are dots I to blew the pics up to see if i could get a better look but to no avail. The dark patches around the object I suspect are the dark peaty waters being thrown up by the object. At least M'bees could only come up with the oh he faked it option after he could not identify the object. I am happy to have the pics examined by competent people in fact I will swear on oath that I or anyone I know has not tampered with them. I cannot and will not enter a big debate on these pics this is the only answer i will give on this matter. If I get anymore sightings I will let you know. I at least know how some of the honest people at the loch felt when they were laughed at and accused of fakery its not a pleasant feeling.
I have never received any money from anybody for these pics I just thought they would give everyone a thrill. In fact If I ever got a great sighting I would freely give my photos to the natural history museum in England.


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