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Merlin, Master Magician

The first story about Merlin was written by Geoffrey of Monmouth sometime between 1135 and 1139.  It was one of the most popular books of the Middle Ages, even though historians can find no evidence that most of its stories are true. Monmouth tells the tale of King Arthur's conquests and his adventures with Merlin, a madman with the gift of prophecy.

Merlin was also known by the names of Myrddin Wyllt, a wild man of the woods, Suibne Geilt of Ireland, and Lailoken of Scotland. Merlin is said to have traveled in Scotland in approximately the year 500 AD. The first recorded sightings of Nessie occurred a few years later.

In other tales, Merlin is a wizard as well as a seer. His adventures are part of Celtic mythology.


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