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Nessie’s Grotto Art Page

Nessie's Grotto has a monthly art contests for children aged 4 to 7 and children aged 8 to 12.  The winning art appears on this page. Winners receive a refrigerator magnet with a picture of Nessie and the Living Stone on it. Art may be sent by email attachment to or by physical mail to Lois Wickstrom, 787 N 24th Street, Philadelphia PA 19130-2540.  If you are sending your art by physical mail, and you want it returned, be sure to include a stamped return envelope.  For art from outside the United States please send the proper number of International Reply Coupons.  Your post office will know how many you need for your package to reach your country from the United States. All art must be accompanied by a Parental Consent form. Please read our Privacy Policy. Winning art will be displayed with the winner's name and age displayed in text beneath it.  Refrigerator magnets will not be available until September 2000. All winners will receive them as soon as they are available.

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Nessy by Katya Yakubova

 Nessie by Shelby Saunders
Nessy by Katya Yakubova, age 4 Nessie by Shelby Saunders, age 6 1/2
Nessie by Logan Saunders

Nessie by Solomon Doak

Nessie by Logan Saunders, age 2 1/2 Nessie by Solomon Doak, age 14
Nessie by Leonoor Rinke de Wit, age 7

Nessie by Leonoor Rinke de Wit, age 7 Nessie by Pepijn Rinke de Wit, age 5
Dietrich Albares' Nessie
Nessie by Emily Brown, Age 10 Nessie by Dietrich Albares, Age 10

Nessie Walk by Peskov Alexei

Elizabeth's Nessie, age 7

Nessie Walk by Peskov Alexei, age 7  Nessie by Elizabeth Bloomfield, age 7

Abigail's Nessie, age 9

Gavin's Nessie
Nessie by Abigail Bloomfield, age 9 Nessie by Gavin Elrick, age 7
Nessie by Dominic Chiarello Nessie by Nathan Chiarello
Nessie by Dominic Chiarello, age 9 Nessie by Nathan Chiarello, age 16
Nessie by Brandon Winner, age 7