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Alistair Young Sighting - September 2006

Young Nessie  1
Young Nessie 2
Young Nessie 3
Young Nessie 4
Young Nessie 5
Young Nessie 6
Photos taken with the webcam by Alistair Young who lives in Telford Shropshire UK in September 2006.

He writes: "I try to watch the loch on a regular basis and take snaps, using the web cam, of anything that looks out of place in the water. I used to come to Loch Ness every year with my parents, since 1959-1977, so I think I know the "feel" of the loch quite well. By using the web cam I have obtained pictures of something in the loch in a short period of time, something I never did in all those years of loch watching and hoping.

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