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Could Nessie have inspired the shape of Viking ships? Compare the crenelation of the ship's wales to the spikes on Nessie's back in this cartoon. Note the head and tail on the Viking ship. The similarity is striking.

But when did Vikings get a chance to see Nessie? The River  Ness extends 6 miles from Loch Ness to the North Sea. The River Ness is a prime fishing spot for salmon and other fresh water fish. Vikings were fishermen. And it is likely that they rowed upstream looking for even more fish, and possibly a village to plunder.  The Vikings were pirates as well as fishermen and explorers.

Ships sink now and then, particularly if they are attacked, as Viking ships often were.  So, it is possible that a Viking ship or two, laden with Spanish doubloons, lies at the murky bottom of Loch Ness.


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