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Leonie's Sighting  June 28, 2005

Leonie's sighting June 28, 2004

Leonie says the dark spot on the left (near the top of the triangular shadow) could be Nessie or could be a boat. In any case, this is a lovely photo of the loch.

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Leonie writes: It's my belief that, as with other so-called paranormal phenomena, some 'experiencers' are honestly mistaken or deluded, some are exaggerating, fantasising or outright lying, for whatever motive - but there is a 'hard core' of genuinely unexplained cases involving credible witnesses.  
The 'parallel world' theory fits the evidence better than others, imo.  Problems with other ideas include that while witnesses describe animals resembling plesiosaurs or the like, it is considered that all dinosaurs were extinct LONG before the Great Glen was created by Ice Age glaciation (OK the academics have been proved wrong before, eg. wrt the coelocanth, but surely not THAT wrong).  Then there's the difficulty of explaining EXACTLY how a breeding colony of plesiosaurs could have entered the Loch and become 'trapped' there - it's one of those things which sound plausible if you say them fast, but don't bear careful, logical scrutiny very well.  Even though it has been demonstrated that there are more fish in the Loch than was thought, whether a colony of very large predators could have been sustained for the requisite time remains very iffy.  And in any case, while the Loch does contain a huge volume of almost opaque water, it does seem as if the several very strenuous, technologically well-equipped efforts to locate large creatures should have come up with SOMETHING. 
Well, thoretical physicists are now talking seriously about the 'multiverse', and a parallel world where dinosaurs/plesiosaurs didn't go extinct, but are still living, feeding and breeding quite happily, explains where the Animals come from.  Best of all, it explains where they GO, and why they can never be located outside of brief sightings for which you have to be in the right place at precisely the right time.
Can't remember if I posted on here about it, but last year I spoke to Steve Feltham, the full-time Loch watcher/Nessie hunter who lives in a caravanette on the beach at Dores, and when I told him my 'dimensional incursion' thoughts, he said quite a few people believe something like that.  He has only once in the 15 years he's been there, seen anything unexplained/unidentifiable.  Guess it's like the National Lottery - there's usually at least one winner in every draw, but each entrant's chance of winning is disappearingly remote. 
These days he thinks the Animal is a catfish.


Leonie Marshall, Manchester England,  More stuff than most people will want to know about me is on my Yahoo Profile at /stropulosis .