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sonar of nessie's grotto

Sonar Detects Nessie’s Grotto

Sonar is a method for detecting objects by bouncing sound waves off of them and then listening for echoes.  Submarines use sonar in order to steer around obstacles and  avoid hitting fish and other submarines. A sonar device sends a narrow beam of sound  into the water. If the beam hits something, it bounces back and is caught in a sonar dish that enhances the sound and calculates how far away and how big the object is that caused the beam to bounce.

Auxiliary coastguard and Drumnadrochit businessman George Edwards detected a cavern 812 feet deep in Loch Ness.  He believes this cavern may lead to a network of caves where Nessie and her family could live out of sight of most detecting devices. The picture above shows the sonar image of this cavern, now known as Edwards' Deep.

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