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Nessie's Maze Board Game

Nessie's Maze Game Board

Fun Facts Cards Nessie Playing Piece
Game Board Fun Facts Cards

The Fun Facts Cards were verified by Tony Harmsworth who runs

Nessie Playing Piece made by taping pictures of Nessie to a strip of cardboard.
Nessie game with all pieces

rune stones with viking pouch

Game in Play Rune Stones and Viking Pouch

nessie game in play

paper pieces for nessie game
Game in Play Paper Pieces
Files to Download: (.5 meg) -- characters.jpg, funfacts.pdf, lochnesspuz.jpg, lochwest.jpg, nesschars.jpg, nessiemazegamerules2.pdf, nessiemazerules.pdf, rectangramb.gif, rectangrambig.jpg, runes.jpg (this is the game rules, the characters, the lake picture and nessie picture, the Fun Facts cards, runes, and the guide for cutting up the lake picture into a puzzle.) (4 meg) (this is the whole gameboard in one file) (4 meg) -- gamell.jpg, gamelr.jpg, gameul.jpg, gameur.jpg (This is the game board in 4 files so you can print it on 8.5 x 11 inch paper and paste them together -- ll is lower left, lr is lower right, ul is upper left and ur is upper right.)


To make Nessie's Maze Game:

1) Print and assemble the playing board. Print the Fun Facts Cards and cut them apart.

2) Print the lake and lochnesspuz pictures and paste them onto cardboard.  Then cut the lake picture into puzzle pieces using the rectangram guide.

3) Print the nesschars file and cut out strips of cardboard. Fold the cardboard strips in half (we used an old box of powdered milk) and tape the pictures onto the cardboard. Fold the bottoms of the character pieces out for stability. (We used clear package sealing tape.)

4) Paint stones and draw runes on them or paste the rune circles onto cardboard and cut them out. Put them in a bag.  We used a leather Viking style pouch made by cutting a circle and threading a leather shoelace through holes we punched every 2 inches. A circle of 13" diameter works well.

Please send us feedback on this game.  If you have any questions about the rules or ideas to make it a better game, please let us know!  The rules are in two parts.  The second part is for older players and explains how to use the puzzle and Fun Facts Cards. Younger players can simply move around the board picking up gold coins and learning to recognize colors or runes as they find their way to Nessie's Maze.  Put the stones back in the pouch after each turn.  You'll only need 3 of the black stones, and 6 of all the other colors.  This minimizes the chance of being caught by Vikings and taken to their lair.

We'll give a free Nessie ebook to anyone who gives us feedback on this game, and includes a picture of themselves playing the game.

If you want to learn more about runes, click here:


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