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Thoughts In The Night

Shirley Maiewski

Kang has just left the office of the doctor called Gekelok. His mind is in a turmoil, he should go home to Mara, but he must think!

It is very late, but he sees a stone bench, under a giant tree near his path. He seats himself, legs sprawled before him, arms folded, his chin sunk onto his chest. He stares unseeing at the path, while his thoughts whirl back and forth - both ordered and fragmentary in turn.

A new life has been offered him - what to do?

A new life.

How wondrous it could be!

But stay - what of the old?

Traditions of my youth...

Can they be put aside so easily?

My father's, father's, father and all who went before,

Were they then wrong?

Without their courage and that of those they served

Would Klingon have survived?

No! Their way was right - for them - for then!

But what of now?

And what of me?

Shall I renounce all I have known?

It served me well, my place is made.

Titles, honors, for these I've more than paid;

They need not change....

But changed am I - that I can see...

When did it come? The change there is in me?

I think I know,

Yes, then it was

My ship disabled - the humans came,

My ship destroyed! We took - it was our right -

The ship called Enterprise.

But not for long - the alien ruled.

The truth I could not see, Kirk knew!

The fighting that he stayed,

Could have continued - endlessly.

He came to me, tried to tell

Of alien control - I would not hear

And fought.

He surrendered then - I thought in fear,

But - Courage - his - showed us the way,

We laughed together and drove the thing away.

The danger gone, Kirk turned to me,

With friendship's grin, our differences forgotten,

With the war that might have been.

That was the time my life turned round,

My hate was stilled, I see it now!

And thus it is

That others now

Can call me friend -

The Lady Lorna and he who calls her wife,

They both are now important parts

Of this, my expanding, future life.

The doctor too, who showed the way

To save those once thought doomed....

Ah, daughter mine, lost all too soon,

But none again will die that way - I swear!

You did not die in vain, small one,

Because of you - I listened when he spoke,

Now more will live....

If only -

Pah! My thoughts turn back...

Ahead the path that I must tread,

The way to go

To lead and not be led!

My wife - what will she do?

If she won't come along with me

Can I go on? She must - she'll see!

She did before - HA!

She understood Kirk's plan

Told me!

Together always, we will be,

In this new life.

How fortunate I am

To have Mara as my wife.

But we must take care.

Others there may be, who will not see

The way to Peace -

The very term will bar them from the goal...

They could undo the fragile thread of hope

That has been shown to me -

A hope that wars will cease, in time,

And we will at last be free

To live our lives in harmony

As they were meant to be.

Indecision past, Kang rises quickly to his feet and strides off along the path. He knows now what he must do, what he will do, but first he must find Mara. There is much to tell, to share! A new life to begin!

Issue Number Three: December 1976

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