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Today: October 18, 2017
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Our guide to SF/Paranormal and Fantasy Romance

The best reading and how it is created. 

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Romance Reviews simegen.com


By our reviews staff

New reviews are posted regularly throughout the month.

Check What's New.

Jacqueline Lichtenberg's Review Column and several others are available from the top of our Reviews Department. 

To submit a book for review,  email

Alien Romance Blog blogspot.com

Each author usually posts on a specific day of the week.


Rowena Cherry
Jacqueline Lichtenberg
Susan Kearney
Susan Kearney
Margaret Carter
Susan Sizemore
Cindy Holby
Linnea Sinclair
Science Fiction/ Paranormal & Fantasy Romance Authors simegen.com Linnea Sinclair has compiled this list of featured romance writers and their home pages.  She welcomes updates, corrections, and most especially new writers to list. 
Book Videos various locations

If you would like your book video linked to this page, email simegen@simegen.com

Linnea Sinclair writes:  "I’ve seen some romance sites that ONLY have book videos—one’s fairly professionally done. Borders Books is also going to be showing them on instore TVs—in ALL Borders stores by end of 2008, I hear. " 
Newsletter and/or Discussion Group for Romance simegen.com We need a Romance newsletter editor volunteer to find and present content and keep subscribers up to date on this section's additions. 

Apply by emailing us.

You may now subscribe to the Romance Discussion group at simegen.com here






The founders of Sime~Gen Inc., Jean Lorrah and Jacqueline Lichtenberg have several Alien Romance or Vampire novels available. 



Winner of 2 Awards

Read Free Chapters


Dushau is Winner

of the first

Romantic Times Award

for Science Fiction


“Step into Lichtenberg’s story and be prepared for a gripping, complex yet thrilling exploration of interspecies relationships as greed, loyalty, passions and politics clash. I was captivated by DUSHAU, thoroughly in Krinata’s court from the first chapter, and amazed at how effortlessly Lichtenberg drew me into such alien yet believable minds and worlds. Published in 1985, this isa book before its time by an author who has continued to blaze her own stellar path through the subgenres of science fiction. A worthy read. I want a piol!”

~Linnea Sinclair,
RITA award winning
author of


 Farfetch (Dushau
Trilogy No 2)


 Outreach (Dushau
Trilogy, No. 3)



A Vampire Romance
set on the Moon.

 "Sizzling suspense, 
romance and the
best explanation for 
vampires on Earth
that I've ever come
across.  Those Of My
is a true keeper. 
 Jane Toombs"

Read Free Chapters


Sequel to Those of My Blood

Vampires in Space

Read Free Chapters
& Introduction by
Susan Sizemore.




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