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First Printing, December 1976

Blaine Emily, Chief Printer

Copy No. 24 of 230 copies

Sharon Emily, Editor

Apprentice Printer

Anna Mary Hall, Co-Editor


Typographical Errors - by "Murphy's Law"

Smudges, Fingerprints, and Smears - by Apprentice

Printer's First Experience With an Offset Press


DEDICATION: To the readers, for asking...and to Anna Mary for limitless patience and endurance.


This publication is intended as a non-profit, fan-written and published fanzine fiction, solely for use as entertainment. No other use may be made of this material, and no reproduction may be made without written permission from the author(s), artist(s), and editor(s). Kraith ideas were incorporated with the permission of the original creator herself. It is understood that only the original material herein is covered by this copyright, and that no attempt is made to supersede any copyrights held by Paramount Pictures Productions, Norway Productions, the National Broadcasting Company, or any other holders of copyrights on STAR TREK materials.

1976 Holy Roller Press;


Hi, Anna Mary? Sharon here - looking for a co-editor for will? Okay. Great! See you soon?...Look, Friend Husband, if you're not using the IBM, move away!...Yes, I'm with book again!...TYPE, TYPE, TYPE....Mom, if you aren't going to stop to get supper, let me....TYPE, TYPE, TYPE....Sharon, the District Superintendent just phoned. We're moving to a new apartment, right away....@*#&! I don't have time to move now!...PACK, PACK, PACK....Ming! Ebony! Cats don't sleep in packing boxes! What's in that one?...Oh, a batch of scribbled pages and a lot of used stencils; I'll tell them to put that box under the canned tomato juice....Save the SHOWCASES!...UNPACK, UNPACK, UNPACK....@*#&! Isn't there a corner in this house to call my own? Never saw the like; a big place, but all in a few rooms!...WRITE, THINK, WRITE....Mom, Anna Mary's here. Dad and I are going out....WRITE, TYPE, WRITE, EDIT, EDIT, EDIT, CHANGE, ARGUE, EDIT, REWRITE, EDIT, AGREE....Anna Mary, think we'll get this finished by Easter of 1976?...Sharon, what did you do with my Ledger? I need it to make out our tax-returns!...It's probably wherever you left it! ...We've got to find it!...((Waving hands in air, glancing at right hand)) Never mind....TYPE, TYPE, TYPE....Uh, Sharon, I don't know how to tell you this, but I'm 'pregnant' now....TYPE, TYPE, TY-??..What's that supposed to mean?... I've been asked to do a second classroom curriculum for Release Time, and I need the IBM....So, quit talking about it and get it done already! I'll try to go back to handwriting first-drafts, and even tackle some of this housework. Besides, there's mail to answer, since I'm now President of the Mark Lenard International Fan Club in my 'spare' time....SWEEP, SCRIBBLE, PICK UP, SCRIBBLE, DUST, SCRIBBLE....Sharon, I need you to proofread this curriculum for me....((Under breath: I knew that was coming!)) ((Sweetly)) Don't you think it might sound better here if you?...TYPE, TYPE, TYPE....Mom, it's my turn to drive to school today; where are the car keys?...I'm not old enough yet to have a daughter old enough to drive!...TYPE, TYPE, TYP-...RING! What? How bad? You knew you weren't supposed to be driving during lunch hour!...TYPE, TYPE, TYPE....Sharon, I hate to leave this work, but I have to go and develop ideas for Alternate Universe....TYPE, TYPE, TYPE, TY-...RING! Myra, get home! You what? We just had it repainted! I'm glad you're all right, but you're grounded for life!...EDIT, EDIT, EDIT....Sharon, give me back my distributor cap! There's a law against kidnapping - even co-editors!...WRITE, WRITE, THINK, WRITE, TYPE....Sharon, next week I'll be away directing Church Camp. Don't forget, I'll need plenty of short-sleeved shirts, and I have buttons missing....((Thinking: A week? A whole week when I can type without worrying about meals, etc?)) I'll miss you but - here's your packed suitcase, sleeping bag, and insect repellent - bye! Hi, Anna Mary, you free next week?...TYPE, TYPE, TYPE....Mom, I've got to get to my music lesson! If you won't stop typing, will you trust me with the car?...WORK, WORRY, TYPE, WORRY, TYPE, WORTYPE....Back safely? Good! EDIT, EDIT, REWRITE, EDIT, CHANGE, EDIT, ARGUE, REWRITE, AGREE, EDIT....RING! Mom, is this how the mimeo should act while I'm reprinting #1 for you?...Cats at door - "Out!"...Cats at door - "In!"...RING!...Mom, how'd you say to put in ink?...Cats at door - "Feed us!"...Cats at door - "Done!"...Cats in harnesses on clothesline outdoors - "Why?"...RING! That's your daughter again....Mom, am I bug-?...BANG! Sharon, it's 2:30 AM! May I please go to bed?...Oof! I'm stiff from sitting typing these revisions!...Ahhh! It's finished!...'Finished', she says! I've got to type, print, collate, and sell this! Hmmm - wonder if we can find another co-editor next time that can sit here and draw while we're working? We've just finished #3, and you're starting again? Arghhhh!...It was just a thought!...TYPE, TYPE, PRINT, COLLATE, BIND...Ming! Get out of that box of #3's, you frazzlin' Siamese!...Now, you know why this wasn't finished in February.

Note for the Web Edition - We hope that "Murphy" and his typographical errors are not in residence - Karen MacLeod, Editor for Web Edition

Issue Number Three: December 1976

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