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The Classic Star Trek 'zine

The original Star Trek fanzine "Elysia" was edited and published by Terry Sue Shank, and later published by Bill Hupe, in four issues from 1986-89.  Midge Clark Baker, who is now head of simegen.com reviews, and a participant in the WorldCrafters Guild writing school, has retrieved her Asteria Universe stories and presents them here as they first appeared in Elysia.  
Sime~Gen extends its invitation for others published in Elysia to have their individual work reprinted, too. We hope eventually to find all the contributors and reprint their individual work. If you are interested in having your work reprinted, please send us your name, the issue number, and the story title or the page number of your artwork. 
The author invites comments, from professional and amateur writers alike, on her stories "To Live Long" and "Memories of Otherwhen". Once those comments are collected and cited, she will rewrite the stories to incorporate them. The revised and updated stories will then be posted as lessons for new writers on morphing a story for production. 


Issue #1

The Artists

  • Mike Brown
  • Ann Mara Crouch (cover)
  • Rick Andres
  • Bobbie Hawkins
  • Tom Howard
  • Pat Kilner
  • Mary Stacey-MacDonald
  • Melody Rondeau
  • Della Schuler
  • Gennie Summers


  • Through Time and Tears by Terry Sue Shank
  • Illogical Truths by Terry Sue Shank
  • "0ut There" Poem by Patt Demetri
  • The Forgotten Promise by Susan K. McLeod
  • "Storm Warning" Poem by Mary Stacy-MacDonald
  • Trekoletto by Adele Peterson
  • Work of Art by Lacey Hart
  • "Give Us Back A Starship Enterprise" Lyrics by Barbara Lenore Snowberger
  • ASTERIA: To Live Long by Midge Clark
  • ASTERIA: Memories of Otherwhen by Midge Clark

  • Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
  • "Red Sky In Mourning Glory" Poem by Midge Clark
    Tribute to Challenger

FRIENDS & FOES (Trek Character Profiles)

  • Dax Created by Terry Sue Shank
  • Bug Created by Barbara Lenore Snowberger
  • Jack Redbeard Created by Bonnie Reitz
  • Nomae-Jen Created by Barbara Lenore Snowberger
  • Taz Created by Terry Sue Shank
  • Kalin Created by Linda Slusher
  • Stauk Created by Rowena Warner
  • "Another" Poem by Patt Demetri

THE ELYSIAN COUNCIL (Letters-of-Comment)

Issue #2

The Artists

  • Mike Brown
  • Teruyo Chayama
  • Don Harden
  • Bobbie Hawkins
  • Thomas F. Howard
  • Pat Kilner
  • Melody Rondeau
  • Barbara L. Snowberger
  • Gennie Summers



  • Keys by Barbara L. Snowberger
  • An Afternoon With 'NUMBER ONE'
    Majel Barrett interview by Barbara L. Snowberger
  • A Day In The Life (or Has Anybody Seen My Plant?)
    by Dottie Christianson & Della Shuler
  • The Magical Elfin by Regenia Marracino
  • Journey To Babble (or The Ultimate Mary Sue) by Helen Sargeant
  • The Final Wish by Thomas F. Howard
  • Star Trek: The Contemporary Fairy Tale by Bonnie Mae Ward
  • All That We See Or Seem by L. P. Santos
  • The Coral Sea by P. D. Frasure
  • Touching and Touched (beginning)
    by Midge Clark and Margaret Eastburn

THE ELYSIAN COUNCIL (Letters-of-Comment)

Issue #3

The Artists

  • Teruyo Chayama
  • Bobbie Hawkins
  • Tom Howard
  • Pat Kilner
  • Melody Rondeau
  • Gennie Summers
  • Sherry Veltkamp
  • Jacquelyn Zoost



  • Fair Exchange by Sharon Pillsbury
  • Sheer Escapism by Sharon Pillsbury
  • The New Generation by Julie A. Dickson
  • ASTERIA: Brother
    by Midge Clark and Margaret Eastburn
  • A Family Matter by Susan K. McLeod
  • The Conflict by Julie A. Dickson
  • For The Good Of The Service by Helen Sargeant
  • Be Prepared by Adele Peterson
  • Spock' s Test by Julie A. Dickson
  • Mission To Nogallion by Shirley R. Gibbons
  • The Whales by Julie A. Dickson
  • Star Trek IV Art Portfolio (by the Elysia Artists)
  • The Winds of Change by L. P. Santos
  • Personal Log (Poem) by Gloria DeLeon & Anne G. Burns
  • ASTERIA: Touching and Touched (Summary) by Midge Clark
  • Drearming The Dream (Poem) by Gloria DeLeon
  • ASTERIA: Touching and Touched (Conclusion)
    by Midge Clark & Margaret Eastburn
  • A Mom For All Reasons
    Interview with Jane Wyatt by Barbara Snowberger
Issue #4

The Artists

  • Teruyo Chayama
  • Pat Kilner
  • Gennie Summers
  • Jacquelyn Zoost



  • The Old Homeplace by Peggy Avant
  • For Joanna by Julie Dickson
  • Friendships Real by Julie Dickson
  • Night Visitor by Michelle Perry and Sandy Hall
  • Letter of the Law by Michelle Perry
  • The Desperate Call by Julie Dickson
  • Echoes of the Mind by Sharon Pillsbury
  • Triumverate by Gloria DeLeon
  • Ebony Eyes by Julie Dickson
  • Mr. Adventure by Julie Dickson
  • "Another One Of Those Days!" by E. A. Mackrille
  • Love For Her by Julie Dickson
  • Atonement by Sandy Hall
  • Seeing Vulcans by Gloria DeLeon
  • Bloopers, Trivia, Accidents, Production Mistakes by Peggy Avant
  • Through Klingon Eyes by Julie Dickson
  • The Klingons: After All by Julie Dickson
  • The Touch of Life by Julie Dickson
  • The Thoughts Invade by Julie Dickson
  • In The Age Of Dreams by L. P. Santos
  • Born Anew by Julie Dickson


The four Elysia fanzines listed here are (C) 1986-89 ELYSIAN PUBLICATIONS. This publication is not intended to infringe upon the established copyrights of PARAMOUNT PICTURES, GULF & WESTERN, NORWAY PRODUCTIONS, NBC-TV, ABC-TV, HARVE BENNETT, GENE RODDENBERRY, nor any other legal holders of STAR TREK copyrights.
All rights revert to the contributor(s). No reprints permitted without the advance written consent of contributor(s).


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