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News coming in 2012 on The Farris Channel, other Sime~Gen in audiobook editions, new novels, and a new anthology, Vampire's Dilemma

To Kiss Or To Kill Sime~Gen #11

  Sime~Gen Novels 
Jacqueline Lichtenberg
Jean Lorrah
3 New Novels in 2011
with all previous novels in reprint Kindle, Nook, paper

Now you can get paper or e-book editions

Here is an Amazon "store" listing Sime~Gen and our other new books


The long awaited novel

The Farris Channel

The story of the founding of the House of Zeor including the Founding 400

Due out soon. For updates see the SIMEGEN GROUP




  Personal Recognizance Sime~Gen #9The Story Untold - Sime~Gen #10






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