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About Sime~Gen Inc.

See  the unique Book Cards Service.  For a nominal fee, a writer can have their newest book cover and an excerpt from the book made into an e-postcard.  


2013 - Sime~Gen leaps into the space age. 

A story-driven, cross-platform Science Fiction RPG set in the award-winning universe of Sime~GenŽ! Join us on Kickstarter on Sept. 3, 2013! ambrovx.com
Set in the award winning Sime~GenŽ Universe by Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah, Ambrov X casts players in a far distant future as leaders of an unlikely but elite crew tasked with planting space beacons which allow for faster than light space travel. The Ambrov X saga unfolds into an action-packed story of first contact. Complete with epic battles and emotional decision making, Ambrov X brings to life the single-player, story-driven RPG through a thrilling space opera adventure. Releasing cross-platform for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

2012 - New Books Released, New Audiobook Editions

What's New  Blog 

Jacqueline Lichtenberg featured in Trekkies Two, the sequel to the famed docudrama Trekkies.

Kraith Collected, Jacqueline Lichtenberg's famous Star Trek fanzine stories, have been posted for free reading.  

New Releases of books by Sime~Gen Founders updated for 2004

Feb. 2004 - Omnibus reprint of first 3 books in the Savage Empire series by award winning, New York Times Bestselling author Jean Lorrah.  

"The Aventine Empire is crumbling under the attacks of savages armed with strange and dangerous powers. Exiled from the empire, a powerful telepath named Leonardo is captured by the savages, and finds himself in unfamiliar territory. Prepared for their brutality and mindless aggression, Leonardo learns their world differs from what he has been taught, and he is forced to question all of his previously held assumptions. This edition includes the first three works of the seven-volume Savage Empire series, last issued more than 10 years ago. "

May 2004 - first Trade PB edition of Dreamspy (companion volume to Those of My Blood ) by Jacqueline Lichtenberg (see  press kit detail sheet) is still gathering wholly new acclaim by well known authors in a variety of genres including an established mass market Mystery Writer:

"In DREAMSPY, Jacqueline Lichtenberg
races past the boundaries of genre with all the grace of a woman carrying an interstellar passport.
And most important of all, she never loses sight of the Story.  The telling of the Story defines any novel, and Jacqueline Lichtenberg tells her story well and compassionately with strong, vibrant characters, intricate plotting, and good, solid writing.  Whatever your genre preference, you'll find DREAMSPY an intriguing and compelling page-turner.
    Claire Daniels (AKA Jaqueline Girdner), author of the Cally Lazar mystery series.
    www.clairedaniels.com "

Sime~Gen: House of Zeor released as an e-book soon.

July 2004: Savage Empire: Prophecies.  Read all about the Savage Empire Series here.

2007 - Publication of  the new Sime~Gen Universe Title - the all original Sime~Gen: To Kiss Or To Kill by Jean Lorrah and Jacqueline Lichtenberg from Meisha Merlin Publishing, Inc. 

See Press Releases and details of 2003 book releases and news in printable format. However, changes have been made in mid-2004 to the schedule. 

 2004 Press Kit

2006 Presss Kit

www.BookReviewCafe.com | Because the Joy of Reading Begins Here Jacqueline Lichtenberg's Review Column ReReadable Books has won a content award from Book Review Cafe.  


To your left, you see a few of the many entry points into the heart of the simegen.com  domain.  

We are tightly focused on providing for the needs of the fiction reading and writing community -- which includes a voracious appetite for nonfiction, the mainstay of all fiction writers' research.  

Our motto -- "Where Sime and Gen meet, creativity happens" means that where unlike people make contact, new ideas abound.  

Simegen.com, the brainchild of Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah, is a major entertainment, information, and education website for anyone with literary interests. We provide free fiction, book reviews, a free professional writing school, a thriving romance area, chats with authors and editors, and much more. 

Our electronic greeting card program provides an opportunity for e-book writers to advertise their books. 

We are the home of the "Read a Good Story, Do a Good Deed" program, and host the websites of a growing number of professional writers. 

We are the home of one of the oldest Science Fiction Fan Clubs -- the National Fantasy Fan Federation.  Aspiring professionals must study fandoms to learn how to create and manage a fandom of their own.  


Find the current statistic available for this server and our place in the web's overall stats.

simegen @ simegen.com 

Here beginning  writers learn the tricks of the trade.  Newest project is the Editing Circle within our Student Showcase where students display their abilities.  Launching summer of 2001 is the Open Circle Heritage Project -- training for those who wish to learn the elements of TV scriptwriting.

Professional Writers in Residence provide students with free textbook material, and establish their own home-pages.  Starting in 2001 is the Author's Spotlights section, of introductory pages to authors, and Chat sessions where students can ask their own writing questions.  There will be a Spotlights Newsletter.  
Visit the Award Winning site for Nessie as noted on television  
Look at the biographies and bibliographies of some of the people behind this operation. 

Meet our Teachers.

Explore a unique charity supported by our professional writers. 

Discover the origin of Sime~Gen, or the underlying
Star Trek Connection

Our Reviews Department has been redesigned for easy navigating.  Many genres are now reviewed by a veritable army of reviewers. 

Our Professional Romance writers in Residence reach out to beginners in their genre with a friendly hand.  .
 See the very latest developments on our What's New page. 

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