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Updated January 31, 2001.

We at want all our visitors to feel safe and comfortable visiting our domain. Therefore we promise you the following:

1. We do not place cookies on your computer at the present time. If we should decide to do so in the future, we will give you the choice of whether or not to accept them.

2. While our domain is not designed to attract children twelve and under, nevertheless Sime~Gen Inc. and protect children visiting our domain by requiring that all children under thirteen years of age obtain parental consent in writing before they can participate in any activities which reveal even so much as their e-mail address to us or to any third party. They must obtain parental permission to send electronic postcards, enroll in our writing school, enter contests, post to boards, participate in chats, subscribe to newsletters or listservs, or review books. Every effort is made to keep in compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

3. We do not gather or store individual information about visitors to that they do not voluntarily provide. Our software tracks what countries our visitors come from, and what kinds of services they use (.edu, .gov, .com, .net, etc.). We use that information only for debugging our software and for internal statistical purposes (where do most of our visitors come from, which pages are visited most often).

4. If you give us your e-mail address, as for example when you subscribe to one of our listservs or newsletters, we will not provide it to any third party. We do not sell the e-mail addresses of participants in any of our activities.

5. If you give us your e-mail address, you will not be "spammed" by Sime~Gen Inc. or You will only receive e-mail concerning those services which you choose. For example, if you choose to subscribe to the Contests Newsletter, you will receive only notices concerning our contests. If you send a greeting card from our site, thus providing us with your e-mail address, you will not receive contest notices, or be placed on any other list on If you chat on the Romance boards, another place where you must give your e-mail address, you will not receive e-mail about anything else happening on To be notified by e-mail of things happening on, you must deliberately join the appropriate listserv or newsletter. If you wish to receive news once or twice a month about everything happening on, you must voluntarily subscribe to Newsletter-l.

6. Sime~Gen Inc. and do not invade your privacy or seek to take any information from the computer you are using.

7. If you choose to participate in one of our surveys, the information you provide will be used only as part of a statistical analysis. No individual profile of you, specifically, will be created or sold to any third party. However, we do have to be able to provide to our advertisers such information as the percentages of our visitors who own cars, own their homes, have higher education, read more than one book a month, etc. The survey you fill out will be used to determine those percentages.

8. contains links to sites on the Internet which are owned and operated by third parties. and Sime~Gen Inc. are not responsible for the availability of, or the content located on or through, any such third-party site. We are not responsible for cookies placed by sites which do not reside on

9. You may reach Sime~Gen Inc. with any concerns you have about privacy or protection of children by e-mailing; writing to Sime~Gen Inc., P. O. Box 1244, Murray, KY 42071-1244; or sending a fax to (232) 541-5962.

10. Please revisit our privacy statement every so often, as we will revise it as the need arises.

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