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Christian Inspirational Romance
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Contents of Star Trek Showcase


This long Star Trek Romance episodic novel was originally published in the 1970's before the popular category publishers had begun to publish Science Fiction/Futuristic Romances -- or supernatural Romance -- or vampire Romance, and even before the category of Inspirational Romance had burgeoned into a dominant player in the Romance field. 

Perhaps Barbara Sharon Emily did not invent the genre of Futuristic Romance, but she was surely one of the very first to mix such wildly separate genres as Science Fiction, Romance, and Christian Inspirational writing.  And she became an immensely popular writer with this series, drawing some of the best writers in the Star Trek fanzine world into writing in her series, just as Kraith did. 

This Star Trek fanzine novel series was widely read before the advent of the "/" genres, and contains no "/" elements whatsoever.  Literary researchers may find that this one fanzine provided the impetus for many young women writers to explore mixing genres and especially the straight futuristic romance. 

It was and still is a landmark addition to the literature of science fiction and could legitimately be termed Intimate Adventure.  In Jacqueline Lichtenberg's opinion, the quality of the writing here is top notch professional, easily publishable as Mass Market -- except for the mixing of genres which is disallowed in the Star Trek mass market paperback.  And like all fanfic, this violates the aired-universe rules to make an even more interesting story than we saw on the air. 

Originally published in 4 large mimeograph volumes, these novels are made available on the web with Sharon Emily's permission. 

You can also find them for sale on paper at http://www.agentwithstyle.com 

Issue Number One: February 1974

Issue Number Two: February 1975

Part I

Part II

Issue Number Three: December 1976

Issue Number Four:  October 1977


Issue Number Five: Now accepting contributions.  If you are interested, please contact Sharon Emily

About Barbara Sharon Emily:  This web edition of Star Trek Showcase is Barbara Sharon Emily's first web-presence.  At the time she wrote, edited, and published Star Trek Showcase she was a Parson's wife and printed, stored and shipped the mimeo fanzines in the church basement.  She has no email address and no home page, so you may contact her by email here. Sharon Emily

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This web-edition of Star Trek Showcase has been brought to you by Ronnie Bob Whitaker who scanned and OCR'd the mimeographed fanzines, and Karen MacLeod one of our professional editors in residence. 

See the rest of what's in our Star Trek Section and our general sf Fandom section. 

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