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Jacqueline Lichtenberg, originator of the cult classic Sime~Gen Universe ("science fiction in the grand manner" --- The New York Times Book Review) is known best for her complex world building and genre-busting relationship driven fiction.  

Her bibliography includes 19 novels, two of which are award winners, 13 short stories, 2 nonfiction books, plus over 10 years of her monthly sf/f review column for The Monthly Aspectarian. 

In addition to Sime~Gen, Lichtenberg's current projects include:



"The Answer" by Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah is a short story set on Darkover and published in The Keeper's Price anthology by Marion Zimmer Bradley and the Friends of Darkover.  Marion is quoted in the introduction to Jacqueline Lichtenberg's short story, "Science is Magic Spelled Backwards" in Hecate's Cauldron edited by Susan Shwartz. 

Marion Zimmer Bradley (creator of the Darkover Universe novels, and author of MISTS OF AVALON which was made into a TV Miniseries)  wrote about Jacqueline Lichtenberg in the preface to "The Answer" by Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah. 


Marion Zimmer Bradley writes:

One thing an editor learns quickly is that cliches have a reason for existence.  In putting this introduction together, I tried for a long time to avoid the statment, "No anthology of Darkover fiction would be complete without a story from Jacqueline Lichtenberg" and finally gave up because it's true, exactly the way the cliche has it; no such anthology would be complete without, et cetera.  Second only to my editor, Don Wollheim, Jacqueline was the one single person instrumental in making me realize that Darkover had its own independent existence and that I should continue writing.  Jacqueline and I differ on almost everything one can imagine, from the aesthetic value of mathematics (I'm con, she's pro) to the quality of the TV show Star Trek (and we won't go into that, thank you.)  But, while with all these differences, one would imagine she would absolutely loathe the Darkover books, she likes them; in fact, she once paid me the compliment of saying that a copy of Star of Danger had "saved her sanity" when she was marooned overseas without access to American Science Fiction.   

I also think of Jacqueline, with pardonable pride, as a protegee; I read reams of her earlier amateur fiction (and ripped the hide off of her in long bleeding strips for the usual amateurish mistakes, having made them all myself, and worse.) Therefore I was delighted when her work began to assume professional and publishable quality; she has now [1980-jl] sold four novels in her own series, and has begun another, and I couldn't be prouder if I'd written them myself. 

Jacqueline is one of the few fans who have become not only professional writers, in their own right, but personal friends.  She is still very active in fandom (as am I [1980] ) has recently taken on the managership of the SFWA Speaker's Bureau (a sort of renta-a-writer service for fan clubs, universities and the like) and is the kind of dynamo hard worker who appears likely to succeed at all of them.  Personally she's small, dark, dynamic, and while all the writers in this anthology are manic types who juggle writing, careers, housekeeping and often children, Jacqueline is one of the few people I know who apper to handle the whole thing with dynamic energy and competence, instead of succumbing to the harried woman syndrom.  She seems to like trying to crowd twenty-eight hours into an ordinary Terran-length day! 

However, she has one fault; she can't seem to write anything shorter than a hundred-thousand-word novel.  Which is why I welcomed her collaboration with Jean Lorrah.  Jean is a college professor of English in Kentucky, and well known in Star Trek fandom as the author of several highly literate and intelligent short stories and novelettes.  Jean and Jacqueline have sold a novel in collaboration, First Channel, to Doubleday and now Jean has sold the first novel in her own "Savage Empire" series.  You'll be hearing more from both of them, separately and together.  "The Answer" is only a sample of their work. 

And again, like many inventive people, they have turned to the Ages of Chaos for their story; a period in Darkovan history of which little "written history" survives, leaving the writer free to create whatever she wishes. 

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