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Presented by Sime~Gen®  Inc.

Writers @ simegen.com

Meet professional writers, and their works

Read The Story Behind the Story

Here you will find our Free Textbook Material -- and free professional stories to read plus closeups on the books by our Writers In Residence.

Some are reprints, some original online publications for the general reader to enjoy.  

The student of writing or the curious reader will find   "out-takes" and early drafts of published works, outlines, notes, brainstorming scribbles, "Partials," submission drafts and selling-outlines, free chapters of published novels, articles about those novels and universe building behind them -- all texts for study and discussion -- 


Writers in Residence Personal pages, essays, links, plans, insights, biography, bibliography and ways to contact the professional writers whose works are showcased here.   Writers currently include: a growing number in our Spotlights section, plus Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Jean Lorrah, Anne Phyllis Pinzow, Lois Wickstrom, Margaret L. Carter, and Elizabeth Caldwell.  
Books in Print, Production and Progress by Professional Writers The novels, series, and universes by professional writers giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the business of being a writer.  

For example: 
 Example of a Novel Outline that sold before the book was completed.    Soon you can read that novel, Zelerod's Doom,  in Sime~Gen: The Unity Trilogy.  

 Zhag&Tonyo - a work in progress by Jean Lorrah.

Sime~Gen, Nessie, Blood Will Tell, Those of My Blood, Lifewave Universe, Audio books, Savage Empire 

Seven Seasons of Buffy: SF writers discuss their favorite television shows.  3 of our Writers in Residence are contributors: Jean Lorrah,  Jacqueline Lichtenberg, and Margaret L. Carter. 

and more.  

Spokes - the poetry and short-fiction e-zine Spokes is an international poetry e-zine that welcomes poetry, short fictional prose and images of all kinds - with a particular interest in the culturally engaged and the fantastic. Spokes is 'published' twice yearly.

In its past incarnation as an international poetry magazine, Spokes published poetry by Benjamin Zephaniah, Jean Binta Breeze, Dannie Abse, Peter Porter, John James, Shanta Acharya and many many more. Alistair Wisker and Gina Wisker were its co-editors for the last 12 years or so.


Joining simegen.com in 2005, Spokes is now open to submissions of poetry and short fiction as well as images.

There is currently no payment to authors, but we expect this venue to be very popular.  

This is the second e-zine to use simegen.com/writers/ as a launch platform into e-publishing.  

The Lichtenberg Files

Large numbers of out-takes, early drafts, whole stories that have been published, then incorporated into novels, working outlines, and "Partials" - submission packages.  

  Feral Vampire by Jacqueline Lichtenberg - another novel-partial but here only the first chapter has been published as a short story.  This is the prequel to Those of My Blood.  

Vampire Non-fiction

"Titus Shiddehara in Those of My Blood" byJacqueline Lichtenberg

An article about the main character of her St. Martin's Press HC Vampire novel, Those of My Blood

1. "Vampire's Friend", the sequel to "True Death", in the anthology "Heaven and Hell" from  Speculation Press  

2.   Vampire Bound by Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Novel Partial - 2 chapters and an outline where the first 2 chapters are published short stories.

3. click here for news of other books in this Vampire Universe.  

4.Alien Master -- a Partial by Jacqueline Lichtenberg, writing as Daniel R. Kerns, used as an example in the Editing The Novel course by Bonnee Pierson and Silke Juppenlatz   

The Austin Files

Courtesy of Renee Austin and her publisher, Awe-Struck E-books.  

"The If Only Project" 
a rough draft of the E-Book IF ONLY by Renee Austin, editorial commentary, author's response, and full rewrite of that novel, retitled WYSIWYG, now published.  
This is one of the most valuable textbook items if you go over to awe-struck and pick up the FINAL version of this novel, WYSIWYG, and study all of this, you will sell your next novel that you begin to draft from scratch (rather than trying to salvage older material)
Galactic League   story-arc development by a team of writers Winston Howlett, Jean Lorrah's co-author in the Savage Empire universe, brought us this group of writers.  And you are invited to join in the fun!  
Author Spotlights Personal Interviews with  authors in various fields Find out what the world looks like to an author today.  Browse by genre or author, and discover if you have the heart of a writer. 
Shadow of the Beast, analyzed by Margaret L. Carter. Margaret is the award winning author of this werewolf novel  2005 Sees release of Margaret Carter's first Mass Market Paperback, Embracing Darkness.   Margaret Carter is also one of our review columnists.  She specializes in the Vampire Novel.  Meet her in person on writers-l or simegen-l.  


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