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Sime~Gen® Inc.

WorldCrafters Guild (TM)

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WorldCrafter's Guild assists in University Course
Beverly A. Hale writes
"Materials Jean and Jacqueline provided to me to use in my Freshman Composition class were fantastic for helping teach rewriting as a vital part of the writing process." 

Our Virtual Campus Includes:  
Courses posted for independent study (See Catalogues)
Courses in progress (watch Sime~Gen Group)
See Writing Lessons posted Tuesdays on Alien Romance Blog
Beginner's Workshop
Writers Workshop 
Student Showcase for work by students
Professional Writers' works (various drafts for study - access is free)
Faculty Lounge -- bios of our teachers
Student Bulletin Boards
Recommended Textbooks on Writing
Book Reviews to study
Live Chats with Professionals -- later posted for study
Student Handbook
Teacher's Handbook
Editing Circle -- the critique circle with a difference
More to come

 Find hands-on writing
lessons at
Editing Circle

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    To enroll, you must be Registered in the School.   Enrollment in our courses as they are announced in WorldCrafters-L  is by turning in the first Assignment for the course by the announced deadline.  You may reserve a place in some courses by filling out the pre-enrollment form linked to that course's syllabus.

    Meet the Faculty

    For our standing course, Essence of Story, see Online Lessons   where you will also discover how to find our classroom and where to post homework assignments from the Workshop

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