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October 18, 2017
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The Sime~Gen Donation Page

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This page is called the Sime Center after the institutions in the Sime~Gen universe where Gens donate selyn--the biologic energy of life--so that Simes, the other half of the mutation of humanity in that universe, may continue to live.

Visit the page:
what is a sime?
to learn more

Visit the page:
what we do
to learn more

Here's how it works in the here and now: You make a small donation to a recipient shown below by clicking on the recipient's name or logo,* and you get to download your choice of the featured stories and art (all generously provided by professional authors and artists). Just click, contribute, and enjoy! ...Be sure to tell them you were "referred" by the SimeCenter.

* If you see a PayPal logo, you can also donate via PayPal.

- this explains a lot

  - a story by
Stuart & Jennifer Palmer

[reassigned to Katrina relief, with permission]

- defending, in many dimensions

  - artwork by G.B.Chew

[reassigned to Katrina relief, with permission]

Become part of SimeCenter:

If you would like to donate your story,
see Writers' Qualifications

writers qualifications

If you would like to donate your art,
see Artists' Qualifications

artists qualifications
Recipient Qualifications

SimeCenter is actively seeking new recipients.  If you know 
someone who may qualify, see Recipient Qualifications.

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Is A Caring Member Of RAOK!

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