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{Note, we've posted the original material below for the anachronistic effect, considering this is a web edition.} 

First Printing, October 1977

Blaine Emily, Printing Advisor

and Cleaner-of-the-Press

Copy No. 228 of 500 copies

Sharon Emily - Editor &

Typist, Chief Printer,

"Coolie" Laborer....

Mary Hall, Co-Editor


PAGE 6---Words Of The Prophets - by Shirley Maiewski

45---Images Not Forgotten - poetry - by Toni-Cardinal Price

46---Fools In A Burning House - by Anna Mary Hall

70---Inevitable Encounter - by Toni Cardinal-Price

75---Another Step - by Sharon Emily

85---Logical Alternative - by Jean Lorrah

108---Infinite Diversity - by Cynthia L. Smith

181---Your Time - poetry - by Karen E. Moody

182---A Matter Of Time - by C. A. Wiggins

190---Let Me Help - poetry - by Karen E. Moody

191---The Evil You Know - by Sharon Emily & Rebecca Ross

This publication is intended as a non-profit, fan-written and published fanzine fiction, solely for use as entertainment. No other use may be made of this material, and no reproduction may be made without written permission from the author(s), artists, and editor(s). Artists who have copyrighted their work have given written permission to print said work in this edition--and in any subsequent reprints. It is understood that only the original material herein is covered by this copyright, and that no attempt is made to supersede any copyrights held by Paramount Pictures Productions, Norway Productions, the National Broadcasting Company, or any other holders of copyrights on STAR TREK materials.

Holy Roller Press

PROOFREADER--Myra Anne Emily. . . who has coined the phrase: "Yea, though one reads a page twenty times, the error won't show up, until AFTER the thing's been printed!"



The typewriter should be in good mechanical condition. The platen, feed rolls, and bail rolls must be clean and free of oil. Type should be cleaned regularly for clear, sharp reproductions.

Insert the master into the typewriter, being careful not to crease or crack the master. The paper bail rolls should ride on the master, but outside the image area.

Use a uniform touch in typing, just sufficient enough to deposit a clear, unbroken image. Too heavy a touch results in embossing, causing hollow characters, light prints, and difficult corrections.

CORRECTIONS: If the master is to be reinserted into the typewriter, place a sheet of paper over the master while inserting it to protect the image on the master from being damaged by the typewriter feed rollers. (Expect smears!)

A special ribbon, designed for typing offset masters on the IBM Selectric machines, must be used.

Instructions For The Operator

Attach master to master cylinder, being careful to avoid contact with ink form rollers. However, if the master accidentally touches the ink form rollers, the resulting ink smear can be removed during etching. (Don't you believe it!)

Moisten a cotton pad with etch and squeeze out the excess solution until the pad does not drip.

Etch from the top of the master to the bottom. Continue turning the handwheel to repeat the etching operation from top to bottom, thereby covering the master twice.

Start offset machine immediately. Set Aquamatic control to proper setting. Turn the ink form roller control levers to ON position. After five revolutions with the form rollers on, depress the image development control knob for three revolutions. Start the paper feed. NOTE: If copy positioning adjustments are required, be sure to turn form rollers off. Before starting to run again, check to make certain surface of master is not too dry. If necessary, re-etch master. ("Murphy's Law" as applied to fanzine printing - If anything can possibly go wrong, it will--and did.) When the required number of copies is printed, turn the ink form roller control levers to Off position. Turn the Aquamatic control to Off before removing master. Lift off master; use a clean cotton pad, dampened with water or etch, to remove any accumulated ink and fountain solution from edges of master; apply master preservative or gum to master, file. Clean press. (Take a bath, then start all over again with the next page.) Copied from Part 99677, Form E-1639-8 A.B. Dick Company, Chicago, Illinois.

After reading all the above, we pray that any and all smudges, smears, etc. will be understood and forgiven. Missing pages will be inevitable--just drop a line to Ye Old Editor asking for a replacement, please....

Read the first story: Words of the Prophets


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