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Website editorial note: We are unable to obtain permission to post the original version of STAY, from author Norma M. Smith. STAY was reprinted in Showcase back in February, 1974. The piece originally appeared in SPOCKULATIONS '70. Since we are unable to provide you with the story itself, we are printing a synopsis here. The rest of the Star Trek Showcase material will be presented in full. 

Synopsis of STAY!
Synopsis written by Rochelle Campbell

Due to uncertain coordinates and a wide range, an unassuming Twentieth century Earth woman is unexpectedly hijacked into the Twenty-Second century when Captain Kirk, Spock, and Dr. McCoy beam back up to the Enterprise. The trio had come to Earth through a time-gate known as the Guardian of Forever, on a special Starfleet Mission. Scotty promises the Earth woman she'll return home, but when the time is right, she will have to leave post haste, or else she will not be able to return to Earth for 50 years.

While aboard the Enterprise, the Earth woman meets Ambassador Sarek, Spock's father, with whom she develops an immediate rapport because he is so kind and nurturing. The two even engage in mind-melds, further creating a bond between them. Sarek is headed for Mauretania aboard the Enterprise to deliver vital information to the Vulcan government that would greatly interfere with current covert Klingon activities.

The crew receives a distress signal, from an uncharted planet, that appears blatantly suspicious. However, Kirk cannot just ignore a call for help, so he, Spock, Dr. McCoy, Ambassador Sarek, the Earth woman, and three security men beam down into an ambush. It rapidly becomes clear that Ambassador Sarek is the target. The three security men are killed, and an unknown, fast-acting substance attacks and debilitates both Spock and Sarek.

The attackers, assumed to be Klignons, are imperceptible to the officers' instruments because of the Klingons' shielding devices. The party splits up leaving Sarek behind to rest. Upon their return, they find Sarek beaten nearly to death! How will the landing party save Sarek and his all important mission now?

In addition, STAY! has a harrowing ending, which leaves the reader in a philosophical quandary.

This is a great Kirk-Trek read!

(To find out how STAY! ends, read the spoiler.)


During the attack, Sarek has sustained severe internal injuries. McCoy told Kirk that Sarek is beyond medical help; the only possible solution is for Sarek to save himself using the Vulcan technique of rigid concentration. But, in Sarek's weakened state, this is not possible without assistance.

McCoy tells the Earth woman she must enter a mind-meld with Sarek to bolster his will to live until they can get him an antidote, which would help him heal rapidly. After many hours in contact with Sarek's mind, and a scant two hours away from finding the antidote, Scotty alerts the Earth woman that she must beam up now in order to return to her own time, back in the Twentieth century. What will she do? Stay and save Sarek, and his mission, refusing her desire to go home? Or, will she return to her family and leave Sarek to die? And this is how the story ends.

Star Trek Showcase Volume I, Take Care Of My Son by Shirley Maiewski. 

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