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Karen MacLeod

Working with an Editor and/or Editing Manuscripts The Publishing World for Professional Writers Interviews and Chats edited by Karen MacLeod

Various related articles of interest and relevance

1. What is an Editor's Job chat with writing students. 

2. Writing is a Trade Jacqueline, Jean, Anne Pinzow, and Karen discuss writing in a chat with students.

3. The Importance of Expertise and Research to an author or editor

4, Elizabeth Burton had contributed this pointed article to our School of Business, though I had nothing to do with editing it.  

5. Dinner with Jacqueline Lichtenberg - focusing on how cover art was chosen for novels in 1980.

6. The Refurbished Character by Jacqueline Lichtenberg -- article on writing characterization.

7.Establishing Background or "One Ordinary Day With Chocolate & Shiltpron"

8. What is an Editor's Job January 2003 chat in the Writing Right section of America On Line.

9. Getting your foot in the door -- Writing for the non-commercial (FAN FICTION) market

10. From America on Line and "Writing Right." Elizabeth Delisi and her editor (Karen) share with us about the editor/author relationship.

11. Advice from Jean Lorrah: Fair Use of Other People's Writing The question comes up constantly on writing lists--how much can you quote from someone else's work without having to get permission?


1. Archetypes and their usefulness. Discussion from the Writer's List

2. Surviving The Novel Experience Winner, 2001 Best Reference Book from the Independent E-Book Awards. Invaluable advice for aspiring authors.

3. A ZIP FILE: HOW TO GET PUBLISHED by Michael LaRocca is a free e-book that will help you improve your writing, find a publisher, and promote it after the sale. Learn why you should never pay to be published. Winner of two Sime~Gen Readers Choice Awards.

4. The Importance of the Query or Cover Letter

5. A Sample Query Letter

6. A Sample Novel Synopsis

7. "Panning for Gold in the Slush" What criteria publishing houses may utilize to select manuscripts.

RELATED ARTICLE: Anne Phyllis Pinzow, widely experienced publishing professional, gives us a glimpse of what a slush pile reader does, how and why. Playing With The Big Boys -- Slush Pile Reading For Publishers' Row

8. Jacqueline on WRITING TO SELL. Finding the "Vehicle," plot, genre, etc. June 10, 2003 chat in the Writing Right section of America On Line.

9. Sample Editing Guidelines one electronic publisher used.

10.Write a Chapter A Day, or a book in six weeks. Advice from Lois June Wickstrom, and comments by Jacqueline.


1. Focus On Editing, a Q&A with editor Karen MacLeod by Margaret I. Carr, editor at T-Zero

2.  Read Chat arranged by Margaret I. Carr, Editor of T-Zero

3. Fanzine Writing for Profit - an AOL Chat with Jean Lorrah and Jacqueline Lichtenberg

4. An Interview with Jacqueline Lichtenberg (circa 1980). Discussing her background, career, planned novels, and publishing advice at that time.

5. Interview with editor-publisher Sharon Jarvis  

6. WRITING RIGHT'S "Expert" series. From America On Line chats. TOPIC: Horses, the disabled, Special Olympics.

7. WRITING RIGHT'S Instructional Series. From America On Line chats. TOPIC: Query Letters, Synopsis, Publishers Guidelines.

8. From America On Line chats. TOPIC: Advice about researching Publishers for submitting your work.

9. Where you might submit your manuscript. Possible publishing markets (compiled January, 2005).

10. Margaret Carter , author of EMBRACING DARKNESS, who will talk about "Writing a Vampire Novel."in the WRITING RIGHT America On Line Chatroom (April 19, 2005)

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