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December, 2002, Blood Will Tell  by Jean Lorrah wins Best Paranormal in the LORRIE contest sponsored by From the Heart chapter of Romance Writers of America. Find information on the LORRIES here.

September 2002 | Because the Joy of Reading Begins HereSeptember 15 - Jacqueline Lichtenberg's Review Column ReReadable Books has won a content award from Book Review Cafe.  

March 2002 

***Jean Lorrah's BLOOD WILL TELL wins literary award***

Each year the Lord Ruthven Assembly gives awards for the best fiction and
nonfiction works on the subject of vampires. The winners for the year
2001 are

Fiction: BLOOD WILL TELL by Jean Lorrah

Non-fiction: FOOD FOR THE DEAD by Michel E. Bell

There were over 150 vampire novels published in 2001, including new books
by Anne Rice and P. N. Elrod.  The Lord Ruthven Assembly is the group of
scholars of vampire literature and lore who meet every year in association
with the International Conference on the Fantastic.

Jean reports, "I wasn't expecting the honor, and didn't even know my book
was being considered.  It's always exciting to win an award, and this one
comes from people who  really deeply study vampire literature, so it means a
great deal to me."

Jean Lorrah is co-owner with Jacqueline Lichtenberg of and
Sime~Gen Inc.  You can find out more about her work at 

Nessie and the Living Stone 
Lois June Wickstrom
Jean Lorrah 

 has been named the winner in the children's book category for the year 2000 Independent E-book Award.  

For 2001 - the Jacqueline Lichtenberg won the Kaymar Award of the National Fantasy Fan Federation.  

04/30/01 And one of our readers sent the following note to Lois Wickstrom and Jean Lorrah

"The McNeil Report had a segment on e-books tonight.  One of the clips they showed was at this spring's Independent E-book Awards. They showed one award announcement.  "And the winner is...Nessie and the Living Stone by Lois June Wickstrom and Jean Lorrah!" 

See for the whole story.  

Lois was at the Virginia Book Conference to accept the award.  Judges included editors from Publishers Weekly, Random House, and Writers Digest, best-selling authors, as well as movers and shakers in the world of electronic publishing.

Other awards won by the "Nessie" website here at include:

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Majon Award

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  Read A Good Story, Do A Good Deed, under the stewardship of Lois Wickstrom has won several awards. has been named SITE OF THE WEEK for the week of September 8th, 2000 by Sci Fi Weekly.  This is the second very impressive award won by this domain.  


S ime~Gen is a fictional universe brought to life in 1969 by Jacqueline Lichtenberg in her novel House of Zeor. The series of books by Lichtenberg and another author, Jean Lorrah, depicts a world in which humanity has split into two sub-species: Sime, who at puberty develop tentacles that they use to drain the life force from the remainder, known as Gen. This unstable state of affairs engenders slavery, betrayal, raids, planet-wide war and a wealth of doomed passion.

The sprawling Sime~Gen site is kept current by Lichtenberg, Lorrah and a legion of fans. It provides the complete text of the first book in the series (long out of print) plus much more fiction set in the universe, some of it written by fans.

In addition, the site offers an extensive writing workshop. The writers have strong connections to Star Trek fandom and romance writing--the romance section provides chats with writers, reviews and so on. Other sections include a marketplace that mainly supports the numerous newsletters devoted to Sime~Gen; a book review section; a gallery of related amateur artwork; links to costuming sites, SF conventions and other topics of interest; much background about the universe and the usual bulletin boards, Web rings and listservs.

Despite a few broken links, the site provides a wonderful sense of community and is overflowing with resources for fans and fledgling writers.

-- Blaise Selby

The above review was published in Sci Fi Weekly which you can find online by clicking below. Bookmark first though -- you don't want to lose us.  


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