What Is Sime~Gen®?

Sime~Gen is a successful fictional universe in which Jean Lorrah and Jacqueline Lichtenberg write novels.  

The simegen.com domain and all its contents is based on a real-world application of a real-world philosophical principle at the foundation of the Sime~Gen fictional universe.  

 Where Sime meets Gen, Creativity Happens

As differentiation into male and female invigorated species, the differentiation of male and female "genders" into Sime and Gen "larities" strengthens human creativity.  The principle? At the interface where opposite polarities meet, creative energy is unleashed in vast quantity.  

The simegen.com domain focuses on bringing writers, readers, and artists together to create interfaces between polarities of talent to catalyze creativity.  

About the Sime~Gen Fictional Universe 

Gerald Jonas, the New York Times Science Fiction Book Reviewer, wrote in the January 23rd, 1983 New York Times Book Review column by Gerald Jonas: "When I read the first novel in the Sime/Gen series - ''House of Zeor,'' published in 1974 - I had trouble deciding whether it was science fiction as pornography or science fiction as soap opera. On reading ''Channel's Destiny,'' the fifth and latest novel to draw on the Sime/Gen background, I realized that these books combine some of the qualities of both porn and the soaps - and, through a curious synergy, it is precisely this mix of genres that makes them so satisfying as science fiction."

Sime~Gen Inc. and the WorldCrafters Guild focus on learning to mix genres to create new ones.  Sime~Gen is presented here as an example of a "Crafted World" that allows for readers to tell their own stories within that framework -- or to challenge the framework itself.  Every professional novel book has a Relationship driven plot, and most are action stories pivoted around a love story featuring romance, love and/or committment.  Jacqueline Lichtenberg calls this odd "Soap/ Porn/ Romance/ Action/ Mystery /Intrigue /Suspense /Fantasy/ SF" mixed genre "Intimate Adventure."  It has become the cutting edge of fictional development today.  Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah have identified this specific type of literature as a Plot Archetype. 

Professionally published short stories set in the Sime~Gen Universe:

"Operation High Time" - originally published in IF MAGAZINE OF SCIENCE FICTION in Jan 1969, currently available on Rimon's Library.

"Channel's Exemption" - posted on Rimon's Library originally published in Galileo Magazine

Unpublished: "Shybel's Need" by Jacqueline Lichtenberg, which is the basis of the feature film script marketed, "The Need." by Anne Phyllis Pinzow

Uncirculated screenplay by Jacqueline Lichtenberg: Strategic Detour ...A Kickass Broad and a Visionary Hunk fight a deadly attraction to each other in a post-apocalyptic shoot-em-up.


What is so Interesting, Creatively Inspiring and Fascinating about Sime~Gen?


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List of writers who Influenced Jacqueline Lichtenberg

A professionally recorded Sime~Gen inspired SONG titled TWO KINDS OF MAN.  

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