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by Jean Lorrah

Summarized by Jean Lorrah

Copyright (c) 2000 by Sime~Gen Inc.

This novel is a traditional romance set within the Sime~Gen 
universe. (FIRST CHANNEL is not structured as a romance, even though it 
contains a love story.) The particular romance variation is the "reluctant 
bride," the woman who gives herself for some reason other than love, and 
then learns to love. Risa not only learns to love Sergi, but also 
Householding Keon. However, although she cannot change the man, and learns 
to love him as he is, she puts her personal stamp on the householding forever.

AMBROV KEON is part of a trilogy of Sime~Gen novels; it takes place around 
the same time as HOUSE OF ZEOR in a different territory, introducing Risa 
and Sergi and the House of Keon as foils to Hugh and Klyd and the House of 
Zeor. All of them meet and interact in ZELEROD'S DOOM, the climax of that 

Risa Tigue is a junct (killer) Sime, and a successful businesswoman in the 
Gulf Territory city of Norlea. She is returning from a trading expedition 
when a hurricane overturns her raft, injuring her and sending her deep into 
need. Sensing a high-field Gen, she stalks and "kills" Sergi ambrov 
Keon--only he doesn't die.

Sergi is First Companion in Keon. He was escorting a desperately needed 
channel from Householding Carre in Norlea to Householding Keon in the far 
north of the territory when the hurricane hit. Despite everything Sergi 
could do, the channel died of injuries from flying glass in the building 
where they took shelter.

Sergi recognizes Risa as a powerful channel, and decides to disjunct her 
and take her home. Risa, of course, sees Sergi as something strange, 
frightening, and perverted--a Gen who gives her his life force in a 
glorious sharing instead of dying as Gens are supposed to. To Risa, Gens 
are sub-human. This confident, courageous, educated man is not what she 
thinks of as a Gen--and it doesn't help her peace of mind that he is also 
one gorgeous hunk of manhood.

Sergi's confidence is rewarded when Risa finds reasons to disjunct and go 
with him to Keon: it is just good business to use Gens more than once, she 
explains--but her true concern is for her younger brother, Kreg, who is 
growing like a weed (Simes are very slender). She is right: not long 
after they arrive at Keon, just as Risa reaches disjunction crisis, Kreg 
establishes as a Gen. In the householding he is safe, and Risa doesn't 
have to lose the last remaining member of her family.

But Keon is not a thriving householding; as a matter of fact, it is barely 
hanging on. Furthermore, Risa has grave reservations about the 
householding lifestyle. She sees herself as paying Keon back by 
channeling--and by straightening out the householding accounts--not as 
actually pledging unto Keon. Risa has assets, which she begins to invest 
in the local community of Laveen--she is certainly not going to turn them 
over to Keon to waste!

But soon Risa finds ways for Keon to ingratiate itself with the local junct 
community, to the good of both. She invests Keon money in a shiltpron 
parlor, and involves local people in an ill-fated scheme to get raw 
materials for the steel mill she plans to build at Keon. That winter the 
situation is exacerbated by a territory-wide Gen shortage, resulting in 
government orders to confiscate Gens from Keon.

But because of Risa's schemes, enough local families now interact with Keon 
socially and financially for many of the juncts to accept channel's 
transfer rather than kill Gens from Keon...Gens who have become people to them.

As Sergi has become a person to Risa--not someone who is missing something 
by being Gen, but her equal--a man she learns first to respect and then to 

The Gen shortage solved, Keon completes the steel mill and prepares for the 
first firing of its blast furnace. But of course its success attracts the 
attention of juncts who don't want to see the householding lifestyle--the 
"perversion" of Simes who do not kill, and Gens who act and are treated 
like human beings--spreading just as Risa planned that it would. They 
attack Keon and blow up the furnace. Risa's brother Kreg is murdered, and 
Sergi is badly injured in the explosion.

It appears that Keon is doomed, that Risa badly miscalculated, her schemes 
producing far more evil than good--until the people of Laveen descend on 
the householding, caring for the injured, rebuilding the houses and the 
steel mill, pouring their efforts into the institution that has truly 
become their neighbor--and the last best hope for survival in this end of 
the territory.

Keon rises from the ruins, but never replaces the burnt-out gate in its 
wall. The householding and the community become one, the steel mill turns 
the poorest section of Gulf Territory into the richest, the kill declines 
and all new Simes remain nonjunct. Risa marries Sergi, pledges unto Keon, 
and becomes its Sectuib (head of householding). They go on to build the 
thriving community seen years later at the opening of ZELEROD'S DOOM.



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