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Within the hallowed halls of this Library you will find an ever growing collection of free Sime~Gen fiction posted for your enjoyment with express permission of Sime~Gen Inc., the copyright holder of the Sime~Gen Universe.

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The Rimon Farris Memorial Library is the official repository for developmental and creative works by devotees of the Sime~Gen Science Fiction Series.

Shimmery golden Castle

Most of the recent entries are 'published' in two venues:
   CZ   - A Companion in Zeor (a traditional 'fanzine' with stories, letters, articles, artwork, etc.)
   SGCF - Sime~Gen Cooperative Fiction (role-playing logs, edited to resemble a screenplay)

Over the years the Sime~Gen community has been blessed with many talented writers and editors, who have given us many wonderful additions to the Sime~Gen universe, originally created by Jacqueline Lichtenberg. Many of these stories are now available here at Rimon's Library or elsewhere in the Virtual Tecton (our name for the fandom pages at SimeGen.com) ...such as the pages dedicated to fanzines:
AMBROV ZEOR, the first Sime~Gen fanzine.

COMPANION IN ZEOR, the only zine currently accepting new materal.

ZEOR FORUM, for commentary and 'logistics' as well as stories.

CHANEL INQUIRER, QnA about the Sime~Gen Universe.



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