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 Two Kinds of Man - � copyright 1979 Martha J. Bonds and Kathy Burns, all rights reserved.  For information on buying rights, mailto:simegen@simegen.com

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TECH: this song was originally recorded on vinyl.  It was transfered to a regular mass market blank tape casette.  A small hand-sized Sony tape recorder was hooked to the computer to transfer the recording to digital.  It came out over 8 meg in size, and was reduced electronically to just over 3 meg in size.

We hope to put up the sheet music for this song on this website so filkers can sing it at Sime~Gen gatherings.  REMEMBER: this song can not be performed or recorded professionally without special arrangement with the copyright holders.  This can be done by special license -- just get the paperwork cleared before you get into big trouble.  

I've been told the lyrics aren't clear enough on this posting, so here they are written out -- this is lifted from the Sime~Gen Songbook which is still available printed on paper. 

Lyrics:  Martha J. Bonds Music:  Kathy Burns  -- reprinted here from Ambrov Zeor #6 

                                TWO KINDS OF MAN

1) How can it be that I feel so at home here?

How can you say there is nothing to fear?

I cannot face the change that is coming,

But something inside is making me try. (chorus)


Take my hand, see all our differences,

See the way we belong together.

Two kinds of man, born of the Ancients,

We must belong together.

2) How can it be that I find so much in you?

How can your talent be hidden from view?

I only can see the change that is coming,

But there is no one to tell me why. (chorus)

3) How can it be that man once travelled through the stars?

How can it be that same future is ours?

I only know that the day is coming,

All men together, as we, by and by. (chorus)

4) Reaching and knowing, sharing in quiet trust,

Caring and showing, giving so much.

Companion in need, channel to life,

The future is freed, for together is right. (chorus)

(c) 1977, Martha J. Bonds and Kathy Burns


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