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Nivet Territory Accent Simelan Vocabulary Sound Files

Spoken By

Jacqueline Lichtenberg

ambient nager -- the current prevailing nageric field composed of the sum total of all individual fields contributing to it.
ambrov (eg Aisha ambrov Rior) -- pledged-to or oath-bound to strive to exemplify a particular virtue which is the Name of the Householding.

Degrees of Shen

deproda selyn resistance – similar to electrical resistance

disjunct having been junct, but worked past it
disjunction crisis the point where a junct has to choose – in hard need – to take channel’s transfer
distect a group which disagrees with the Modern T.’s ruling against renSime/Gen transfer
dynopter a unit of selyn. A measurement.
entran a painful condition channels endure if not working their secondary systems

Gypsy Conspiracy by F’delyor Apodrinyin A book mentioned in Mahogany Trinrose

fanir a Donor with perfect nageric pitch, can link nearby Simes into their rhythm.
fosebine an analgesic
Frihill - Householding Frihill specializes in archeology, digging up Ancient Ruins, curating Museums

The following are grouped in the file gen.wav

Gen a human who generates selyn within their body
Gendealer a Sime who operates a Gen Pen
Genfarm a breeding place for Gens, within junct Sime territory
genrunner a Gen who sells other Gens to Raiders.
genslam a field manipulation trained Gens can do – willing their field quiet then loud
Hajene honorific for a channel (eg Hajene Madz)

Heil'ro - Halimer Grant of Mahogany Trinrose is a member of the Heil'ro or Gypsies, or Ghost People
Imokalee - Householding Imokalee
intil the desire for transfer – analogous to appetite
ivren a level of need
kerduvon extract from the mahogany trinrose//a drug which can alter selyn pathways
lorsh an expletive//one who abandons a friend in changeover
lortuen transfer dependancy between a male Sime and a female Gen
Martesa an image from the Tarinalar collection: Sime-Sime transfer
Menar sleep slows the basal selyn consumption rate (p 137 HoZ pb)
nager the selyn field around a Sime or Gen
Naztehr honorific for another member of the same household (eg Naztehr Hugh)
N’vet a term of respect between equals, eg N’vet Farris (used in First Channel) (in nivet.wav)
orhuen transfer dependancy where both partners are the same gender
out-Territory Gen territory//from Gen Territory
pilah a plant which appeared at the same time as the Sime~Gen mutation
porstan alcoholic beverage
prineridine an antispasmodic used to delay breakout

Rathor the School Hallimer Grant studied in
Reloc fever a Gen illness, causing a rash and fever, leading to death
renSime a Sime who isn’t a channel
Rialite - The desert First Year Camp for channels and Donors usually run by Zeor channels is Rialite. 
ronaplin selyn-conducting fluid, created by ronaplin glands at the base of the laterals

Sectuib head of a Household (Sime)
selur nager the field of a Gen who has the potential to be a Companion but is untrained //the meshing of a Sime’s and Gen’s field (p 112 HoZ paperback)
selyn the biologic energy Simes and Gens require for survival and selyn nager
selyur the way in which a Companion or Donor locks fields with a Sime before transfer // the feel of a channel’s field as it locks to a Companion or Donor (p 114 HoZ pb)
selyur nager the field of a Companion //a field with a tendancy to lock onto a Sime’s field

For all these below: see Degrees of Shen: degshen.wav
shedoni an expletive//execution by attrition
shen an expletive//stopping transfer abruptly, before it is complete
shidoni -- The Degrees of Shen. including shuven.shiltpron a musical instrument which vibrates on the nageric level as well as the audial


Sime and Simelan

Sime a human who requires selyn to live and does not produce it themselves
Simelan the language of Simes
slil the feeling gained from a First/First transfer.
slilbliss the feeling gained from a First/First transfer which goes VERY WELL!
Sosectu head of a Household (Gen)
Sosu honorific for a Donor (eg Sosu Den)

Tarinalar Collection a set of traditional Household images
Tecton committee of the heads of the Households
Thrino recognition password in the children’s underground
torluen transfer dependancy between a male Gen and a female Sime
trautholo commitment to transfer
trin tea the drink made from the leaves of the trin bush, a relaxing drink
Tuib genderless term of respect – usually applied to landowners

vriamic node
yawal the white, sleeveless garment Gens are dressed in for the killroom

Zelerod’s Doom the doom caused by too many Simes, not enough Gens, and Gens dying in transfer

Zeor, Householding Zeor, Sectuib in Zeor, Sectuib Apparent in Zeor

zlin to see by selyn fields. Simes only.


Mahogany Trinrose

Adenire ambrov Imokalee - Gen reporter from TTI Digen had spotted as a Householder.

Aild Ercy Farris - Digen Farris's Daughter and Heir Apparent of Householding Zeor. Prefers to be called Ercy Farris, using Aild when protocol required it.

Bett Farris - Digen's older sister.

Ercy Farris - Digen Farris's Daughter and Heir Apparent of Householding Zeor.

Faron Mandrel - Halimer Grant's co-Dean at the College of Channels and sub-Controller of Rialite under Digen.

Halimer Grant – Arrives at Rialite as co-Dean at the College of Channels and is to work with Ercy. Secretly member of the Heil'ro or Ghost People

Imrahan ambrov Imil - wants to become a member of Householding Zeor.

Imrahan's nickname is Im'

Joeslee Teel - a Gypsy girl. The only survivor of her tribe.

Jolaine Farris ambrov Zeor - Cousin to Ercy's Uncle Sels

Jyo ambrov Zeor - Second Order channel. Sarton's daughter.

Kfarlin ambrov Zeor - TN-2, Second Order Donor and one of the vote counting committee.

Sceneta Farris - Digen's distant cousin.

Treldies - Mayor of Wellway Township, Gartin Territory, near the Rialite school for channels.

Yniss ambrov Zeor - Second Order channel. Sarton's wife.


Ongoing Characters

Digen Farris - longest serving Sectuib in Zeor
Ilyana Dumas

Klyd Farris Sectuib in Zeor

Rimon Farris -- First Channel

Del Rimon Farris - First to serve as a Sectuib


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