Jean Lorrah


     Jean Lorrah is a professional writer, the author of fifteen published science fiction and fantasy novels as well as a few short stories. Writing first fan fiction and later Sime~Gen,(Jacqueline Lichtenberg's universe)Jean eventually  went on to writer her own Savage Empire series.(see information below).  She has also written several Star Trek novels! 

    Jean Lorrah is also professor of English at Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky. She teaches classes at all levels, from freshman through graduate. Her specialties are History of the English Language, which she teaches via interactive television; Medieval British Literature; and the Fantastic. She's am a charter member of the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts, and participate in their conference every year. . 

     Some of her interests are Led Zepplan and certain anime.  Be sure to stop by her page and take a peek.   

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Ambrov Keon  

Zelerod's Doom
Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah  

First Channel
Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah

Channel's Destiny 
Jean Lorrah and Jacqueline Lichtenberg 


Savage Empire


 Savage Empire .   

Captives of the Savage Empire  

Dragon Lord of the Savage Empire  

Sorcerers of the Frozen Isles  

Wulfston's Oddesy (winston howlett also)

Empress Unborn

  Flight to the Savage Empire




Star Trek



The I.D.I.C. Epidemic

Vulcan Academy Murders






Currently Avaliable

Savage Empire reprint of the first novel in the Savage Empire series, in Hungarian translation. It is available in a hardcover edition as the main work in an anthology called Vadak es Barbarok from Cherubion of Debrecen, Hungary. Sorry--no English version is available except what you can find in used book stores. . Metamorphosis, novel, ST:TNG 


 Survivors, novel, ST:TNG 

 The I.D.I.C. Epidemic, novel, Classic Trek 

 Wulfston's Odyssey, novel, (with Winston Howlett), Savage Empire Series 

 Channel's Destiny, novel, (with Jacqueline Lichtenberg), Sime/Gen Series (hardcover edition) 

 "The Beholder, short story, Realms of Fantasy, Oct., 1994, Witch Woman Series   Human Voices" short story, Dragon Magazine, Jan., 1992, Witch Woman Series 







Works In Progress

 :Reflection of a Dream, Sime~Gen short story, complete and out in search of a publisher. 


 Best of Fools, Sime~Gen short story in progress. 

 Nessie and the Living Stone, a children's book in collaboration with Lois Wickstrom, complete and out in search of a publisher. 

 Blood Will Tell, novel, a mainstream thriller with a strong supernatural element, complete and out in search of a publisher. 

 The Colors of Chaos (working title), sf novel, half completed. 

 Voice of the Hawk, mainstream psychological thriller, no sf or supernatural elements; in the research/outline stage. 

 In Love and War (working title), fantasy romance; in the research/outline stage.   









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