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Bare Plot of 



Jean Lorrah 


Jacqueline Lichtenberg

Copyright (c) 2000 by Sime~Gen Inc.

Two children on the verge of adolescence, greatly in love with each
other, discover the adult world that will tear them apart.

Living in a Sime world, the young man grows up to become a Sime -- a
mutant human who must kill a Gen every month to survive.  The young
woman grows up to become Gen, the human prey of all Simes.

But, despite the social and physical Need to Kill, the young man
refuses to Kill this young woman, his best friend.  Instead, they
elope -- take wagon, horse, and provisions from his father and head
out into the wilderness to make a home for themselves.

When he finally, helplessly turns on her to Kill her -- she
surrenders her life to him.  And miraculously they both survive until
they stumble upon a small community of Simes who have a religious
conviction against Killing Gens -- but do it anyway because it's
God's Will.

The religious leader of that community discovers the young couple's
Big Shameful Secret -- he Kills her every month, and they enjoy it.

The Sime community breaks apart under the leader's desire to commit
this "unnatural act" of Not-Killing and his adamant insistence that
his people follow him as they do in their religious life.

In the end, the young couple fails in teaching others to
"Not-Kill" -- but they find a compromise.  The young man is able to
"Kill" a number of Gens (without harming them) and then to let other
Simes "Kill" him (and that does him no harm either -- actually, he
enjoys it.)

This community comes to call the act of Not-Killing "Channeling" -
taking life from Gens and give it to other Simes -- and this young
man discovers himself to be the first Channel.

He does not know that this has happened many times in the past.  He
does not know it will happen many times after his death.  He dies
young and in agony, a tragic figure who spreads tragedy among all
those who follow him because of all he does not know about




Plot summary written by Jean Lorrah, August 2000 

First Channel
by Jean Lorrah and Jacqueline Lichtenberg
Copyright (c) 1980, 2000 by Sime~Gen Inc.

Romeo and Juliet with a mutation instead of a family feud.  And a happy ending.

Simes kill Gens.  We see Kadi, Rimon's childhood sweetheart, establish as a
Gen and be carted off to the Choice Auction.  We see a kill.  Rimon rescues
Kadi and tries to escort her to the Gen Territory border.

But through their escape and adventures, Rimon uses up his supply of selyn
(life energy)--and Kadi is the only available source.  We see their first
transfer, followed by a beautiful love scene.  They conclude that if Gens
do not fear, they can give Simes their life energy and survive to produce more.

We watch this pair try to find a place they can live together.  Wherever
they go, either Rimon or Kadi is considered inhuman and sentenced to die.

Until they find Fort Freedom.

Picture a small walled village, populated by Simes living like Amish or
Quakers.  The inhabitants of Fort Freedom are the children of Gens, who
turned Sime and managed to escape into Sime Territory.  We see them forced
to kill to live--and hating that need.  Their spiritual leader is Abel
Veritt, a devout man who believes killing is a sin, and yet cannot live
without killing.

When Rimon heals an injured citizen of Fort Freedom, he and Kadi are
welcomed with open arms.

Rimon and Kadi try to teach others to live without killing.  Tragically, we
see experiment after experiment fail--except for a very few.  Just often
enough to preserve hope, Gens succeed in transferring selyn without being
killed.  We see Abel fight despair as time and again, he fails and kills.

Rimon and Kadi have a son, watch friends live in agony when they cannot
stop killing, and pin their hopes on the younger generation of Simes and
Gens.  But the older generation, like Abel, are dying in their hearts and
souls.  And we see many of them die, literally.

Rimon knows he can draw selyn from Gens to use for healing.  One day--to
save Abel's life--Rimon discovers that he can transfer it to a Sime.  Once
he recognizes it in himself, Rimon realizes that a few other Simes,
including Abel's son, are what Abel calls "channels from God"--Simes
blessed with both healing powers and the ability to stop the killing.

The people of Fort Freedom dedicate themselves to ending the kill, and
reuniting Sime and Gen, the two sides of the human race.
****August 30-Sept. 4, 2000, reach me at jean1@juno.com****
Jean Lorrah, jean@simegen.com
New book this summer:  NESSIE AND THE LIVING STONE



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