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Sime~Gen Perspectives Newsletter
January 2002


NEW Ebooks for Fall Reading: POWERFUL MEDICINE by Gwynn Morgan, WELCOME TO NASH'S by Mary Taffs, DAVID'S PROMISE by Polly Bolack, NOBLE SAVAGE by Judith B. Glad. More on the way... Any format you need -- new releases on sale! Awe-Struck E-Books, Inc.

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***** Feature Articles *****

The following is a list of the book reviews I have just posted at Midnight Reviews.

For anyone having a problem linking directly to the review you can follow the link below to get to the main section .

Romance & Erotica

AFTER IMAGE by Jaye Roycraft Reviewed by Carol Castellanos 12/30/01

LAST KISS by Dominique Adair Reviewed by Carol Castellanos 12/30/01

WHEN DARKNESS FALLS by Shannon Drake Reviewed by Carol Castellanos 12/30/01

THE ADULT VERSION OF DRACULA by Hal Kantor Reviewed by Carol Castellanos 12/30/01 Erotic horror, cross posted in horror


SEALED IN BLOOD by Margaret L. Carter Reviewed by Carol Castellanos 12/30/01

BLOOD MOON RISING by Billie Sue Mosiman Reviewed by Carol Castellanos 12/30/01

BLOOD TO BLOOD by Elaine Bergstrom Reviewed by Carol Castellanos 12/30/01

Novellas, Anthologies & Short Stories

THE MUSE INCARNATE by Vickie Britton Reviewed by Carol Castellanos 12/30/01

CRIMSON KISSES by Vickie Hardin Reviewed by Carol Castellanos 12/30/01

THE KAISERINE'S CHAMPION by Derek Paterson Reviewed by Carol Castellanos 12/30/01


UNLAWFUL by Dorice Nelson Reviewed by Carol Castellanos 12/30/01


by Marguerite Krause

Called back from exile to a beleaguered court, the seer Phillipe foresees bloodshed and destruction, unless he can guide the young duke onto an alternate path. The duchy's only hope lies with the Lady Zuli -- who refuses to believe a word Phillipe says. Phillipe makes one perilous psychic journey after another, as Zuli sets her own desperate, opposing plans into motion. "...a well-written and detailed historical novel of intrigue and romance." SFSite . Read the first three chapters at

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***** News *****
** SimeCenter
Some lovely new artwork donated to SimeCenter by Valerie Hardin has been added to the December page. The two pictures are called "Goth Angel" and "For Charity."

Please revisit our page SimeCenter , and see both new and old contributions.

** Author Spotlight
Anita York would like to invite everyone to take a few minutes out to read her Spotlight Interview with fantasy author K. G. (Gail) McAbee. Her new fantasy novel, ESCAPE THE PAST, is a Winner of the Dorothy Parker Award of Excellence from Reviewers International Organization. Join us at: .

** New Reviews



** Bygone Days update
Two new stories: -- "A-Dancin' in the Grove" by Carrie L. Gubesch

"Lucy Crumb" by Catherine Karp

Plus a new review: -- THE YEAR THE CLOUD FELL


"BLOOD WILL TELL shakes up everything you thought you knew about vampires, reconstructing legends into a fresh story that keeps your mind fully engaged. It is great to see a writer dare to change long established fictional canons in such a pleasing way. Both hero and heroine are strongly principled and have great strength of character. Small town life is well portrayed, and fans of Ms. Lorrah's past books may see an inside joke or two." Reviewed by Amanda Killgore for TRCC. 4 STARS

BLOOD WILL TELL by Jean Lorrah . Read the first chapter and download a *FREE SHORT STORY* .

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