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Since we moved from our own server, we have lost the ability to provide a number of advertising choices. At the moment we can offer only these three:

Featured Link
A special offer, not for everybody.

To see how a Featured Link works, go to our top page. Just under the banner ad at the top you will find our current Featured Link. Don't click on the Featured Link yet. First, to see how it works, look at the left-side frame. In a column in that frame you will see the links to various parts of; What's New, Reviews, Fandom, etc. Clicking on each of them will take you to the top page of that section of our domain. You will see the Featured Link in the same position near the top of every section top page.

Now that you have seen how our Featured Link works, appearing on the top page of every section of our domain, go ahead and click on the link. If a customer has purchased it for this month, it will take you to that customer's page. Otherwise it will take you to a page on that we are featuring this month. The Featured Link, unlike banner and text ads, is not appropriate for every ad. It will only work if you can compress a description of your book or product into one short line. If you can create a brief "tease" that will get people to click, the link will take them to your page, where you will place your complete sales pitch.

The Featured Link works best for announcing giveaways or contests that you are running to publicize your book or product. As there can be only one Featured Link on our domain at any given time, we sell the Featured Link by the month, first come first served, with a maximum of two consecutive months.

The cost of a Featured Link is $10.00 for one month, $15.00 for two consecutive months. If you can create a high-impact line of text that will get people to click through, this is a great bargain.

Blog Text Ad

We no longer have email newsletters, and now let Sime~Gen fans know all our latest news via a blog page called Territorial News. Each time we update the blog, we announce it on Facebook and Twitter. Besides this, there is a permanent link on the top page of

You may place a text ad (75 words or less) on the blog for $5.00 per month, two months minimum.

Blog Banner

You may place a banner ad (468 x 60, provided by you) on the blog for $7.50 per month, two months minimum.

For the time being, these are the only advertising choices we have available. For further information contact

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