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The Kaiserine's Champion reviewed by Carol Castellanos

Book Image   The Kaiserine's Champion by Derek Paterson   Stars Image
Vampire - Horror
ISBN: 0971017638
Publisher: Eggplant Literary Productions
Date: 2001
Pages: 85
Distribution: E-Book CD-Rom

Manfred was in a tavern one evening when in strolled Duke Wilhelm's guards, 
feisty and ready for trouble. They began picking on a young couple when 
Manfred intervened on their behalf. Needless to say the guards turned on 
Manfred, thus a fight ensuing. Manfred fighting for his life was capable of 
killing six of the guards before being beaten senseless and ending up in 

Here is where his story begins he is waiting to be hanged when he is saved by 
one who wishes him to fight in the Arena. It is the Kaiserine's birthday 
Manfred is given the choice to go fight and provide the Kaiserine with 
entertainment or to hang. Of course how hard of a decision can it be, either, 
be hanged or fight, possibly win and thereby attaining your freedom and a bit 
of wealth to boot.

Manfred has no idea when he agrees to all this that Orr Thenck has much more up 
his sleeve then a mere fight. Once at Orr Thenck's abode, Manfred finds out 
his exceptional strength in overcoming the guards was due to a vampire bite. 
Then he is told to drink blood in order to make him even stronger in order to 
fight better. Once Manfred wins a fight refusing to kill his opponent Manfred 
is then challenged by many. This is when much intrigue begins. Manfred is 
told he was brought to the arena in order to ferret out a very old vampire 
attempting to kill the Kaiserine. Manfred is then blackmailed into agreeing to 
the challenges.

Many things happen during and after the fights. Many questions arise, such as 
who is the mysterious mute missing her hand? What connection does she have to 
the scar around the wrist of the Kaiserine? What horrible things have been done 
to Orr Thenck's guards that their faces are so scarred up? What happens if 
Manfred does win? Will he become human or completely vampire?

Though I liked the story and it kept my attention, I thought it a bit short. I 
think it may have been expanded upon to make a much better and longer book. I 
would definitely like to see more from this author possibly a more expanded 
second book.
Copyright © 2001Carol Castellanos All Rights Reserved.