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January 2000 is the first giving of the Beginning HTML course.  Watch WorldCrafters-L for more announcements.

Some Beginners topics below are also listed in the Workshop section.   Beginners should not hesitate to explore the most advanced material.  It takes most people many repetitions to get these notions firmly seated in the subconscious.   There's no better time to start than now. 

Workshop Topics for Beginners

Faculty Authors--->

Jacqueline Lichtenberg

Originator of Sime~Gen

Jean Lorrah

Co-Creator of Sime~Gen & author of numerous Professional Trek Novels

Cheryl Wolverton

Romance Writing

Margaret L. Carter

Vampires etc.

Anne Phyllis Pinzow

Visual Writing

James D. Macdonald Sylvia Engdahl
TOPIC |              \/              
How do you know if you're cut out to be a writer? Can I be a Selling Writer? 
Grammar Help  



Elements of Style -  


"Strunk" is THE key handbook you must master -- and there's money in it.   This is where Copyeditors get all their IDEAS for changing your hard-crafted pros.   When you can't SELL, you can work in copyediting.


Build Your Vocabulary


Word of the Day 
Choosing a Protagonist              
What is "genre"and who says so? Proposal for a New Genre

(feminist version of this article)

Outlining for Writing  




The Selling Outline  


The Art of Composition              
How to Find the Beginning of a Story How to Find the Beginning            
How to Find the Middle              
How to find the End              
When does a story End?              
What is a Plot?   The Character Driven Plot  


How do you tell What Happens Next?              
What Is Point of View?              
How do you Choose Point of View?              
What is the difference between Characterization and Relationship?  


What is conflict? 1. WORK-Conflict Workshop Post dated Jan 1997       new2.gif (111 bytes)  Movies and Television Shows as Textbooks    
What is a "conflict line?"              
What is Internal Conflict? (and how to create some)              
What is the difference between Plot and Story?              
Doing Your Research 1.WORK- Doing and Using Your Research

2. Learning to think visually.

    Vampires In Literature or What Every Writer Must Know Before Attempting a Vampire Story      
SHOW DON'T TELL 1.See "How To Find The Beginning" posted above            



1. Babylon Five vs. Star Trek:Voyager#1

2.Babylon Five vs. Star Trek: Voyager #2 - Conduits and the Fiction Delivery System

Accounting For Taste              

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