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WorldCrafter's Guild 
Student Handbook

SimeGen.com cordially welcomes you to our School of Writing, WorldCrafters Guild, dedicated to nurturing and fostering story telling arts of all kinds.

Follow the simple instructions on this page to register for the class or classes you are interested in.

If you encounter technical problems, please contact our Webmaster for assistance.

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  • Choose the course you want by looking at our Catalogue of Classes
  • Complete the following 4 steps
  • 1. Register for this School
  • 2.  subscribe to our WorldCrafter's Guild Newsletter to which only teachers post.  This is how you hear announcements about classes, schedules, and further elaboration on assignments.  
  • OPTIONALLY, you may also subscribe to writers-l -- a listserv where students can discuss courses and issues about writing with each other. 
  • 3. Read the Student's Agreement and agree to it and all relevant agreements pertaining to your course.
  • 4. Check theCatalogue of Classes for the location of the syllabus for the class you wish to take.   Turn in an acceptably formatted and readable Assignment complete with working return-email address and all other particulars detailed in WorldCrafters-L. Beginners in html see the super-easy instructions.  And check out our beginning html course.
    You will be enrolled according to the criteria stated in each course's syllabus. The one requirement common to all courses is that you must be a Registered Student. To check your Registration Status, or change your name, address, or email address, email, simegen@simegen.com or the school Registrar.

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    EMAIL your Assignment 1 and all subsequent Assignments as attached files to the email address specified in the syllabus -- in html format. 

    All assignments for a course must be in HTML format, and must be attached to an e-mail message addressed to the email address specified in the syllabus.  If you don't know how to attach a file or have similar questions not answered here, subscribe to writers-l   -- the listserv where students talk to each other, and don't be afraid to ask basic questions. 

    When submitting an Assignment, in the body of your message, please be sure to include your name, the e-mail address you used to Register in the school, and your 'by-line'.   Since your course Assignments will be posted to the Web, you do NOT have to use your real name as your byline, but your byline should match the name on your email return address.  Only our WorldCrafters Guild Registrar needs to know your legal name and street address.  

    In the Subject Line of your message, use any exact text specified in the syllabus of the course.  Be sure to add the assignment number [IN PLACE OF] # (i.e. 1 or 2 or 5  [insert number of Assignment].)   This is to ensure that your submission is properly time stamped and routed to its destination.

    In the html text of your Assignment submission, include the title of your piece, the approximate length in words or other measure (such as playing-time for a script), and your by-line which includes your e-mail address.

    Assignments will be posted to the Studentshowcase  -- and the teacher's comments will be posted to the attached Bulletin Board .  

    Go to the Bulletin Board and look at the left hand column of the page.   Under UTILITIES find EDIT PROFILE, click into that section, follow the instructions and you may tell the Bulletin Board to automatically email you when something has been posted to your course's board.  If you have a problem with the Bulletin Board software, email webmaster@simegen.com

    For some courses the Studentshowcase and the Bulletin Boards may be password protected, so a class can work in private, without auditors.  When you qualify for the course, our Webmaster's department will issue you a user name and password for that section of the boards. 

    For non-passworded courses, the entire school can watch and learn with the enrolled students.   For some courses acceptance is on a first-come-first-serve basis.  (Other courses may be "consent of the instructor" or a list of prerequisite courses.)

    Non-enrolled students may post their own efforts at the homework Assignments (whether a course is currently being given or not) on the Bulletin Board for that purpose.   Instructors generally comment directly only on the enrolled student's work.  Enrolling gives you a customized learning experience.

    The listserv writers-l carries discussions among all the students regarding the course work. 

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    Our online courses meet for live interaction with the instructor in our own chatroom.  It is easy to use for beginners and easy to access for those who have IRC chatware.
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