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Teacher's Handbook

Teachers Welcome!

The staff at Simegen.com is very glad that you have chosen to share your talents and professional skills with our students. It is our hope that you get as much enjoyment and pleasure out of teaching and sharing as we do.

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Simegen.com has assembled many useful tools to assist you in the running of your online class. Your primary contracts for technical support are Chandra our Schoolmistress and Patric, our  Webmaster You may also contact Jacqueline Lichtenberg,  President of Simegen Inc. for assistance with your class. RonnieBob is the registrar for our online writing school.

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Teacher's checklist

One of our technical personnel will assist you in setting up your class by going through this checklist with you, prior to the starting date of your class.

gold bullet obtain your simegen.com email address
gold bullet Sign the teachers agreement
gold bullet Post Your Syllabus
gold bullet get signed up for our Worldcrafter's newsletter.
gold bullet Student Assignments
gold bullet Post your comments
gold bullet Schedule your online chats with your students
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Prior to the start of your class you will be assigned a simegen.com email address by our Webmaster This address will be redirected to the email address of your choice. You are free to use it to communicate with your students. Messages will also be fowarded to whichever member of our staff is posting the student assignments for your class.

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Prior to the start of your class, we ask that you sign our Teacher's agreement If you have any questions or concerns about the legal side of this arrangement, please contact our CEO, Jean Lorrah.

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One of our technical staff will, prior to the begining of your class, arrange for a website to be created in our Worldcrafter's School of wrting for your syllabus. You may obtain the keys to this site from our Webmaster and upload your files yourself, using one of our templates. Or if you prefer, we can arrange for a member of our staff to HTML and post your materials for you.

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We have Worldcrafters-l, a newsletter that teachers can use to post announcements and comments about their class. Our Webmaster will add you to the list of people authorized to post. When you have a message for your students, email it to worldcrafters-l@simegen.com .
Be sure to use as your return address the same email used for you in the newsletter's list of authorized posters.
Within a few minutes you will receive a message from our listserve software requesting a confirmation that you did in fact send the message. Just reply to that with the word ok and nothing else in the body of the message. Delete everything else. A few minutes later your message will be posted to worldcrafters-l.
If you like you can sign up to receive worldcrafters-l. We also have another mailing list, writers-l, that is for students and others to discuss writing in general. You may sign yourself up for either or both lists by paying a visit to our archives page and selecting the list you are interested in. Old messages are also archived on these pages.

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Students will submit their assignments by emailing them to your simegen.com address in a format specifed by you in your syllabus. They will then be posted to  studentshowcase  by a member of our staff. Once the lessons are posted you can read them online.

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We have an online bulletin board called  Simegen Online.  In the student showcase message area there will be a subsection for your class, with a discussion thread for each registered student. To use this area you will need to supply our  Webmaster with a user name and password. Once she has added you to the users list for the studentshowcase area you can post your comments on the assigments. Just click on the student's name, then on the add a message button. Type your message in the box. Then You type in your user name and password. Click on preview/post. The system will give you a chance to correct typos. If the displayed message is what you want, click on post and your comments will be saved. There is also a cancel button if you've changed your mind. Or you can edit the box and again click on preview/save.

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Here on Simegen.com we meet with our students in two IRC (internet relay chat) channels on our server. #classroom is where discussions about course material. General chatter takes place in #sgchat. Contact Karen to schedule a time. She will moderate the channel for you and post submitted questions. Karen has written a nice  tutorial  on using IRC with a IRC client on your PC.  You may also access our IRC server from a webpage in our  techtools area.

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Simegen.com is a mecca for writers, editors, publishers, artists and other creative people. While you are here why not SEARCHour domain for things of interest to you.

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